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I read the first half of this like a week ago uhhuh and then we had to put it off because we're both ill and so then i read the last half the last couple of days and inevitably i forget stuff so there they have a series of articles towards the end to the book by detailing the girls found in just like gang a couple of things yeah and so leaked there's the one where restarted find a real quick okay so there's a news story about the victims of ablasse single killer and then the next page feature story what is a serial killer and it's a psychologists um but i prophesyzing about what kind of person he's doing this but then there's this raves are moines just as item dan ville ledger december 19th a wesley village householder sixty nine year old mary walsh and woollen shaft reported that upon return from a week's visit to her sister in spring farms massachusetts she discovered bloodstains on her bathroom walls it's the work of the devil woan shaft said when she reported it to police looks a lot like rust to me a neighbor who refused to give his name said he added that mrs will in shafted been in poor health and was nervous when this reporter went to the premises will in shaft refused to answer questions and turned off her hearing aid wesley police called in the dan vogel forensics department to take paint samples to determine if the stains or blood or arrest but i had completely forgotten me to about one of the chapters with him and he and it's i had been saving this went up for a christmas tree but i had to get rid of her she talked too much i had to wrap replica christmas present to keep her quiet she can sleep now sleep piece in sleep magara anyway it was getting too hard to hide her a risk i should not take again woollen shaft could get suspicious i have always been careful person which is why if you will to hide this long and it might be a good idea to send some greeting to them all in this town of my sister and it doesn't really say what it is yeah but i completely forgot the name woollen shaft and then do you remember like when she when rose and jerram are.

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