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Been, he comes into camp, performs however he performs, and at some point is told, hey, you're not going to have a huge role here. Then that performance drops off. That's how I read the article. So to me, if we go off, I know you say high ceiling all the time, which you are not. I don't doubt you. You're the footballing expert here. So remember that. Steady. But if anybody if we're going off like form coming in because of course, geos last year has just been ruined by injuries, right? Yeah. But if there's anybody who had a case to mope, feel bad about not being in that whales 11 that we saw it, to me it was never Georgia was Brendan aronson. Right. That was always the case for the weekend week out. Now, if actually, if I look at the strengths of this team and I consider that aronson could have been a great fit for you, one of those other way up politic, that argument. I actually think where raina could have really had a huge role in this tournament, especially thinking about what Greg berhalter said, pre tournament. I'm going to use a lot of my subs. And then seeing what he did. He didn't. And especially like, where did he not use the subs almost at all? That midfield three. And clearly by the fourth game, that group has run out of gas. Was there a start? Was there a full 45 minutes instead of the 7 that he got against England to give geo. Maybe it was Wales, maybe it was England, maybe it was somewhere else that could have left Eunice Musa Weston McKinney. I don't think he's a Tyler Adams sub. But one of those two guys fresher for the game against the Netherlands. That to me is the real loss here. The timeline here is where we're not clear. Correct? Because we don't know at what point the apology was deemed

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