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Radio Regis chanting Chris Monfort was right yeah why do you feel that way because all cops are **** so he killed a police officer you think that's fine do you condone anyone killing a police officer absolutely losers like that exist in yet officers one Forsman all across the country every single day they put on that uniform a target on their backs the bad guys they do each and every shift no we might not make it home that night no we we may not make it home the next morning but they do it because they love the community they serve last week here in Washington state we lost a deputy I mean what's W. right before Christmas it appears county sheriff's deputies name was Cooper Dyson it was only twenty five years old this is a guy who had a wife who is pregnant with their second child a baby girl do you in just the next few weeks this is a guy who leaves also a three year old son behind right before Christmas he was rushing to get to a domestic violence call in parkland Washington's very close to the common Washington on the way over there to help his fellow deputies deal with a twenty two year old whose name you should know me see is Dayton Craver who cops allege which try to get a shot gun and I needed some help have you guys seen heard that call try to rush to get to them unfortunately in that rush to get to them he got into a car accident and he died at the scene yesterday there was a memorial here in Washington state it's something that comes out of this is a reminder that there are not as many lunatics like the audio I just played raising all cops as **** turns out there are way more people like you and I who actually support our law enforcement may come out in droves support officers were killed in duty I wish they didn't have to do that what's an unfortunate reality of policing deputy David David rose was there yesterday he trained Cooper Dyson so I'm not just as a good officer what a good person he loved his wife and his son so much I was terrified we get excited about having a daughter this man was one of the most honest open and caring people I have met in a really long time and he was fully committed two is job like almost every other deputy and cop out there this is a guy who would sometimes work sixteen seventeen hour days I would call on the home as a family man you don't have to solve every crime of every hour of every day then open up to me that damn explained he was working so that he could save up enough money for when he won a family they believe to spend time with his daughter who is about is about to be introduced into this world without the ability to see her father and it was a quote that was shared by David rose yesterday deputy rose a quote from general Patton it is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died rather we should thank god such men lived and today I am thankful for such a man thank you so think of law enforcement officers like this guy like him I can men and women who act heroically want to serve every day instead of a stupid prank gone gone wrong in Kansas meanwhile there is some controversy within the Bernie Sanders campaign this according to a report kind of funny report if I'm being honest come from the washing post we already know that Bernie Sanders hates Amazon and I think it is important or to take a look at the power and influence that Amazon house the old greedy evil capitalists corporations killing mom and pop shops here in Rhode Island here in Delaware here in Oregon Amazon is evil we know he believes that and yet this report coming from The Washington Post that cites multiple sources quote the send a rep did within the Sanders campaign earlier this year over its purchases of large amounts of supplies through Amazon that's kind of funny you know they don't spend that much money on Amazon only so much a campaign can spend on Amazon but spending some money there and some folks within the campaign world like this is kind of the quote the left problematic isn't it according to the report internal protests juror response from the seniors Sanders campaign official who said the alternatives to Amazon also had ethical issues I mean I'm sure every company has ethical issues yeah the especially from a social perspective you can find any other company there's not any other company the my office supplies through but you don't the man I was on a regular basis and the funny thing about this they gave AT the Sanders campaign give a statement to the washing post they didn't deny anything isn't the set a bunch of nonsense late in the night the story here in Seattle we have a social city councilman who's made a name going after Amazon which is a local company for us and I found out that she was spending money her campaign was spending money buy from Amazon she's empowered she campaigned on how he treated for Amazon she shops there normally something like this should indicate to the person who hold this belief that Amazon is evil that maybe you're wrong maybe they're not as evil as you believe maybe they're not as bad as you claim and yet they still hate on Amazon publicly this is be legitimate or the appear to be I should say do as I say not as I do it's not just hypocrisy it's an empty talking points totally empty talking point choose the real nice big businesses not necessarily because even believe everything they say what they know that's susceptible younger voters believe it it's a huge group of the population that they're in a bad position bad position financially because of the evil companies like Amazon there's no personal responsibility whatsoever it's evil evil Amazon they're taking advantage of you they realize that that's actually keeping them in power interesting fight going on the kind of place to this happening right now in Florida Democrats they're basically trying to fight against the term socialism kind of story at local ten dot coms out of Miami we talk about how local Democrats are dealing with all the terms socialism delivers to their party to their campaigns all the slaying of socialism delivers them to a large party people not just like Sanders Elizabeth Warren AOC and there's a part of the story that kind of jumped out to me it says what Latino voters nationally have lean democratic Republicans in Florida continue to find strong backing in the nearly two million Floridians of Cuban men as well and in the cargo in origin voters whose deep skepticism socialism has been shaped by Latin American authoritarian leaders Democrats are trying to shake the label check the label seems like your bracing it more not raising more extremism why is it that these Latino voters in Florida are going with Republicans what do you think that is it's because they personally experience or at least have a family member that experienced actual socialism they know what doesn't work they know it's dangerous the no it's not the best interest of our country it was a survey recently so showing this rather significant uptick in Mullaney Oles embracing socialism I saw a lot of blue check marks on the Republican side over the last several days talking about a tweeting about it thirty six percent of millennials polled say they approve of so of communism which is up significantly from twenty percent in two thousand eighteen another ball from October seventy percent millennial say they are somewhat are extremely likely to vote for socialists candid we're trying to figure out why that is they don't actually know what socialism is they're told what socialism is what people are taking advantage of them they're given a very specific you know what it is that's not a reality it is out there promising a thousand dollars a month for nothing Elizabeth Warren is promising to pay back all your student loan debts Bernie Sanders is defined it this way what democratic socialism is about is saying that it is immoral and wrong but the top one tenth of one percent in this country all almost ninety percent almost over almost as much wealth as the bottom ninety percent that it is warm today in a rig the economy the fifty seven percent of all the income is going to the top one percent it's rigged you were a victim and socialism will help you socialism will solve your.

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