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I'm joined by jay gordon. We're talking about the falcons. Defense our grades for them going into the twenty twenty one season. Obviously take all of this with grain of salt folks. We're talking about you know guys before. The games are even played But these are sort of initial impressions of the players the quality of the players. What we've seen from them. We've talked about the defensive line that linebackers. Let's talk about the back end of this defense. Because in the past especially in recent years this has been a unit that has been at times problematic. A lot of that has been due to injuries. We've we've seen guys like kiana. Neil ricardo allen demonte casey all go down with season ending injuries over the past several years so some of that is not just simply the nature of the nfl but some of it has been talented issues. I am of the mind that some of that is hopefully knock on wood in the past I want to start with the safeties. Because i wanna finish up with what we've got corner. They brought in to veterans to anchor the safety position for now. They're both on one. Year deals eric harris doron harmon and behind them are what i think are two really promising players. I think next year. Probably going to be our starters at safety second round. Pick richie grant and fourth round. Pick from last year. Jalen hawkins who. I think you could argue that one of the best pre-seasons of any defender on this roster. So let's start with the the two presumed starter for now. What do you feel about harrison in harmon and after that talk about the potential of hawkins grant. Yeah you know. I can catch a lot of las vegas raiders football because i tend to value my time. I but i know right but it you know. Hey of i think they know but you know you look at a guy like eric. Air from all accounts super high character. Guy You know solid run support. can step up in the box and make some plays there can get touched up in coverage a little bit That could be a product of the raiders secondary as a whole which is not exactly like he's coming over to the the twenty thirteen e hawks From the raiders. But i think it'd be decent and run support You may have to get him out of there on nickel and bringing a jalen hopkins or grant. But i think doron. And he's just he was made de defense. You know all the time you spent. I don't know if there was any overlap between these new england. But you know that's switch ability That ability to move around and by all accounts is another guy. he's just super high character. Guy observer You know very very Very much in a leader role which is which is good to have it out of a safety And so i like those guys. I think armand will earn a second contract. I don't know about harris But i think harmon. I think he's gonna fit right in. I think he's gonna make a lot of good places now. Think about can give them an extension. But that's putting the car before the horse so Yeah i it's on the two guys. I don't know if they're gonna be the savior for every single little problem that we have. But when you talk about going from ricardo allen and guys who have been there forever It's it's definitely a different look. It is and it's i'm with you. Eric harris i think is he's decent enough. He's got issues that we're going to have to work around You know when you're signing. You know veterans like this to be essentially stopgaps He's i think he's good as you get for sort of that price range. You know so when you're shopping at dollar tree you're not getting top notch target up flirts and we got the best of the dollar tree brand. I you know. I think harris is better than dollar trade. Let's be very clear But i'm with you drawn harmon has. He's he's thirty years old he's been league for wall. I think his mentorship of grant hawkins is very notable. As you mentioned he is someone who has taken both those guys Under his wing. In particular richie grant and that i think is going to pay dividends over long term and i really love. The falcons have brought guys like that. That are mentors. Now hawkins in grant again last year hawkins was able to play a little bit until he got injured in in sort of missed out on the last several games of the season when he was in there I thought he played fairly well. I did not anticipate sort of the jump that he would make from last year to what we saw this. Preseason his individual play preseason looked really a big leap forward. Richie grant i think fans need to understand. Dean pees asks a lot of the players in his second year. He expects all of these guys to know every position in the responsibilities of those positions. And that's gonna put a lot of pressure on those safeties on the linebackers and you know grant is probably gonna need some time to get used to all of those responsibilities. He can't just learn being a safety. He has to know what it's like to be a corner. He has to know what it's like to be linebacker. That is a big ask and for any rookie to come in. It's gonna take time and if he's not on the field up immediately that does not mean he's bust. The talent is there. I think he's going to be fine. I'm really bullish on what he is going to do. On the back half of this year and in the twenty twenty two. So what do you feel about hawkins grant in their long term potential. Yeah and you're totally right about the days. And i think that's why we saw the falcons make a lot of the choices. We did in the draft saying anything groundbreaking. It's been a hundred times a day. Targeted intelligent guys An older guy seniors captains guys who appeared to have their head on their shoulders. The defense is not easy to learn. There's a lot going on But that was that was one that was my that was my own hocken. Felt like hey you know. He looks like he's really developing. I think that's something. A lot of people were banking on to start season And that's very encouraging. Besides i gotta shot him out. When i was out and breakfast got absolutely lost. Our trust i mean i remember. I was like somebody's house. Because i didn't know parker has to. Whoever you to you know one of the fifty tight end behind had out there like somebody just got eight up august. You know he. We saw i make a couple of good plays during the free stephen shoring up that back in play in that centerfield role and i think he's i think he's gonna see a lot of wing-pong especially in nickel and i trust the. I think he's gonna be okay back there. I'm not really worried. About and Yeah richie granted. Didn't look spectacular. But the thing is he's a rookie. you'd like you said there's a lot to learn a decent and i think the guys ahead of him i will allow him to come on and spots and kind of get get some feel for the game. Get some of that game sets. He has great instincts he had things. Ucf that's obviously a big jump in competition. And and and i think he will grow into. I think by you the season we're going to be feeling a lot. Better about rich brent. Yeah hundred percents Do want to note. The falcons have tj green listed as a safety. He's probably going to be more of a quote unquote. Db where he is going to see. Time both at safety and a corner He's a bigger player. I think he's like six foot three but he's a player that i think is well is he's gonna be more of a backup anyways but he's going to be deployed by ps sort of all over the field when he does come in so another player that i'll just mention him. But how do you feel about the safeties and what. What kind of grade would you give this unit. You know this. This is one that. I wrestled with By the way shut off. Cj green good for many or that's body played really well.

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