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To refresh your memory about the Ryan pace stop as the Shawn Watson quote tweeted an article could treated at Twitter beef between John Feinstein and Doug Gottlieb and set the bears never talked to him I remember reading this article a few months back the Chicago Tribune did a deep dive into the twenty seventeen NFL draft revealed the bears didn't meet with prospect the Shawn Watson said they went with your best year in my homes for meetings and ended up picking the former North Carolina quarterback so they did me what your biscuit Mahomes off to go back and read that article so Watson confirms that tonight I have to go back and re read through that article and just see what it what at all if any explanation from the bare side was it for not meeting with the Shawn Watson I don't get that for a second you have all the time in the world in this draft process even what are they possibly see if on the tape did not even have a meeting with this guy because all I saw on the tape was a guy that should've been the first quarterback off the board in my opinion me too and I'm on the record I have a website it's still there he was my number one quarterback in the class by a lot I was screaming yelling about it at the time I don't understand I mean it was fourteen interceptions I believe his last season I was the one thing in the fifth the crazy thing about it is he was so good after interception still like it I don't know man it's bizarre and I could see maybe preferring to basically I can see I can see convincing yourself that there was more upside somehow I don't agree but I could see that I can't see not even talking to kids yeah not even talking to him is inexcusable I as I said earlier I would have fired him already in Ryan pace tomorrow eastern five Pacific hold on tight and get ready to see the best ball riders in action to then as Jose Victor Li mei from Brazil tries to stay on top of the leaders board as American Jess Lockwood is right behind him and goes for his second win of the season watch the PBR Cooper tires invitation on CBS sports network what's a news brief you Daily News brief called open the rumors reports and reconnaissance public day in sports which is coming up next summer the same CBS sports radio affiliate SiriusXM channel two oh six and the radio dot com application from ten PM eastern time to two A. M. eastern time they had Joe five been on last night always love hearing Joe sizing give interviews he's very honest and never afraid to share his opinion well he did so last night with.

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