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It was like it was like an American werewolf in London in in that moment when he's transitioning and the nose grows. So in my mind, I was imagining the boxer. But then the visa knows started coming out of the boxer face. In that moment that was the moment as it was growing. Of course. Perfect. Cancel so, Doug. If people are in Los Angeles because that's the only place where your company is right now working they go to to have dug dogs walk their dog dogs dig dug. DO DIGI DO Yuji dogs dig dug dot com. I didn't have to say that. I would not have gotten it is it hard. No. It's terming. I also got Doug digs dogs. Justin. Silverlake dog walking because I'm I live in several. So, you know, I'm I bought a bunch of you know, how you're supposed to. Dogs, Los Angeles. And you come up with that. I've also got a Facebook group an Instagram and all that kind of stuff. Great. And then if people wanna see perform, we got a Twitter, we got a wet what we Krieger Doug because Doug Krieger was taken. So inventive. And I went Krieger, Doug. But Doug, Greer dot com is my sort of my performing site perfects going to be for, you know, everything everything stage based studio based at cetera. And then you also gave us the great suggestion of we ever do have guessed that happens to swear accidentally great way to cover that. Instead of leaving it bark it out. You better bar get out. Thanks. It's time for a dog euro, oh boy. Oh, gosh. A while. I'm flutter with what the theme song should be. Let me give you choice, and we can either do rocky or chariots of fire. OSU rocky done dented on. Dun, Dun, Dun. Dented oh down. Kiro. Too much. Okay. Hugh roe. Don't ever saw. Okay. Donkey romance. So this is kind of dog here. We haven't done before this is not one from the news. But this is a dog here near dude our hearts in that it belongs to one of our very own Facebook on a local hero hero. I know. Okay. Here's a crazy guy. So this is jesse's dog. Here's what the Doug. Did. Name is Princess buttercup. Just like her her affect he's Jesse says if you're is going crazy four AM it may not be to go to the bathroom. She could be saying, hey, dummies, there's a gas leak. That's right. You guys Princess buttercup detected. This it was a small leak from their wall heater. But she detected it alerted her owners by barking like a crazy person. And they were able to get the gas company and fix it. Oh my gosh. She cool. Right. It's incredible. Especially because our last dog hero was a pug who recognize sparks coming out. Oh, can your dog tell that the houses perking? Really sniffed Princess buttercup job..

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