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The news line is new york congresswoman carolyn maloney good morning lordy lordy and you know where we're here to talk about what about the shutdown how did we get here first of all well well we we've after a good how that uh that kept they kept the government uh we got going it's now in the senate it did not pass in the senate and we were cold back into session at nine o'clock i believe we will turn this around i'm an optimist i hope we will get the government up and running and that we will achieve a deal but in the meantime my constituents are calling me wanting to know what's opened in what's not opened and a a lot of calls coming in on social security for many people that's their only means of support and these checks are going to continue uh comey it's considered essential it's uh automated oh you will be receiving your your social security checks now in the military our military is not going to be coming home the active duty will remain a military contract doors that have already been paid well continue with their their work uh if this continued they'll be guidance from the defense department on who is essential in is who is not uh last time this happened up top top concern was the veteran's affairs they were concerned that the better and so we're not getting the healthcare they disturbed at the 23rd three office but we have built in a a surplus so that the veteran's affairs we'll continue providing veterans services for their employees and we hope to turn the ramp poor you cut back on on their services will remain open personnel is paid uh not by the taxpayer they're selffunding so they are gonna be there now the irs and know a lot of people don't want to pay their taxes but you're going to have to pay your taxes they're gonna keep essential uh workers there although many will be furloughed now on the national park see smithsonian is leaving us know that they're going to be open through the weekend although they will close on uh on monday for you at new york city part of the smithsonian we'll be closed and a by they're going to try to keep all the monuments in areas in washington open four four the.

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