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What happened to report it without fear or favor in context and perspective to be honest, brutally honest about every bit of it. We were endless hours to make sure that we deliver it to you. As fact, it's a fact. Shepard. Smith on Fox News channel real news. Real honest opinion. Police in Sebring, Florida are still trying to determine the motive for a shooting spree at a Bank there on Wednesday. Police chief Carl Hoglund says they responded after a man called them from inside the Bank to say he opened fire while engaged negotiations. I ordered or asked the sheriff to send in the tactical unit or their swat team in an attempt to recover potential victims and take the subject into custody. After an assessment of the scene. Sorry. Learn that we have at least five victims people who are essentially murdered as a result of his act in this Bank. The suspect twenty one year old Xenophon Xaver later, surrendered to police the US Canada several Latin American countries formally recognizing apples of Venezuelan opposition leader, one Guido as the country's new interim presidents, but incumbent President Nicolas Madura, refusing to cede power he is ordered US diplomats to leave Venice Wailer by this weekend. Seven people reported dead in clashes with forces supporting Madero on Wednesday. There's a new team of lawyers representing disgraced movie producer, Harvey Weinstein. He embattled producer has hired a new defense team. That includes an attorney who most recently Representative rose McGowan one of Weinstein's original accusers. Jose Baez represented McGowan who pleaded no contest to drug possession charges last year. Mcgowan originally claimed Weinstein had the drugs planted in her wallet. In two thousand seventeen bias joins Ron Sullivan. Pam Mackey as replacements for Ben Bradman on. Weinstein's criminal saw case in Manhattan Weinstein is slated to go on trial may seventh on five counts of sexual assault. Michelle Pollino, Fox News. Stopping for coffee in Berkeley, California will soon cost you more unless you bring your own reusable Cup so council they're voting unanimously to impose a twenty five cent fee for requesting a disposable Cup.

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