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Good morning, everybody. How you doing? That's good. Beginning Raymond here with you on this. Finding morning September seven make a note of that Friday morning September seventh. It is exactly. Seventy five degrees, which is kinda close to what it's been for the last five weeks. We had a couple mornings were eighty four AM inning last night. It was like seventy eight degrees at four AM. But here's the big difference. And this is a big difference is predicted to go up to eighty two today. Seventy one on Saturday sixty six on Sunday. In fact, I'm looking at about a ten day forecast here, and there is not a ninety degree day on there. Thank you. Because these lasts for I swear to God, I'm a male. I this stomach thing that won't go away on. My equilibrium has been all I really reacted poorly to this heat this time around, but it looks like it's finally gone, and it is cooler out there right now, I often comment on how incredibly hot it's been kissed. I have the shortest walk imaginable. I parked almost literally in front of the front door because I can all the day shift can't park out and fun would have feeding the meter endlessly. Endlessly endlessly, you don't have to feed the meter with my hours, and there's generally speaking always you spun out in front, and I've commented times just how unbearably hot it's been walking for my car to the front door. But it was not the way tonight. So. Good news, weather wise and good news for eagle fans, which pretty much covers the entire Delaware valley. Eagles over Atlanta. Eighteen twelve went down. Do can you dig up the delays play. It went down to the. By the way, when I say, can you? I mean, Kevin Keenan news producing the program here this evening game. Jelena's now is the big monkey muck running the eagles broadcast. So I don't think I'm going to have Mike a lot during eagles season. But Kevin Keenan tune a a great job tonight. Eight would shades of bowl. Fifty two where it came down to the last play. It wasn't a hail Mary. But he came down to the very last play the game. It was nail biting time. Eagles defense was huge last night with not one not two but three separate goal line stands all like, you know, five yards in or more. But in the end is still came down to this play..

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