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What were you thinking? I don't know. She told me that story. She said it's a true story. Did she think it was funny? I would have thought it was hilarious. Oh yeah, she thought it was incredibly funny, incredibly funny. All right, things bob didn't know. Leatherback turtles eat an average of 800 to 900 pounds of jellyfish every day. I don't think my God there memories. Must be memories must be insane. You're right. You're exactly right. The show Friends generates about $1 billion in syndication revenue, after all these years, every year. Each of the 6 main cast members earned about 2% of that and that tops out at about $20 million a year each. That is male box money, my Friends. Why would you want to be anything? Why would you want to be the president? Why would you want to be a brain surgeon? Why would you want to be a rockstar when you could be in the cast of a sitcom like that? And that kind of bank. Wow. Well, I mean, we were following it when they were renegotiating. When you and I were first together, their contracts once the show really became popular. And they all stuck together all 6 of them. They said, we're going to hold out. I forget what it was for. $2 million an episode each. And people were going, there's no way anybody's going to pay and they did. Because if one of them left, it would be bad. But if they all say, you know, I think we're all done. There's power in numbers. And boy, that's certainly did work out. But you know what else it said? It said that they knew that there was going to be a lot of money for that company, the production company in the future. And they were going to get some of it. That was a really risky thing that they did in a really genius thing that they did. So now all these years later, they each pick up 20 million a year. Yeah. Over a million a month in the mailbox. How would you like to go out to the mailbox and I don't do math quickly, but maybe $1.2 million. Every month is showing up there. I would ride my magical glitter pony out there once a month. That's the only time you've seen me. Everybody. And then back up the driveway I'd go. It's bobbing sherry. Now, let's open up the bobbin sherry, archive, vault. Legendary nasty person deceased real estate eris Leona Helmsley. Left a huge, huge estate when she died. 12 $1 million trust fund for her dog, trouble, a little white Maltese. It's painful thing, you know, she cut her grandchildren out of the will and gave them nothing. And said in the will, trouble gets 12 million, you get nothing, and you know why. To painful thing when your parents love a pet more

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