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GONNA be alright. Grant homos a pleasure to carpet evergreen say thank you out. I time for some political notes I up campaign dynamics. Senator Gary. Peters picked up the endorsement on Sunday of the Detroit free press which said of him senator Gary Peters, who succeeded Senator Levin when he retired six years ago has been a worthy heir to Michigan's remarkable legacy of bipartisan leadership. Peters has achieved his first term than many senators accomplished in their careers and we enthusiastically support his reelection in November's general election. It has been a really nasty campaign between the two of them. The Detroit News has done some excellent reporting fact checking both candidates. Actually, it will have links on our website to those stories because they really lay out the case for both candidates very well the polls consistently show Gary Peters with a small, but very consistent lead in the four to six point range. The most recent poll in the Senate race was for CNBC and change research that came out to last Wednesday drove Gary Peters up by six points, and there have been multiple polls in the last couple of weeks. All of them were in that range and as we talk with Bernie porn last week, there is still a. High undecided. But they undecided looks like it's GonNa break for Gary. Peters about two one. Even a marketing resource group had a poll which came out less Tuesday which showed peters up by to marketing. Resource Group is Republican consulting firm and probably the most favourable to James meanwhile Mr James has finally broken his silence on something sort of he finally came out with the statement that he supported the idea of president trump making a nomination to the United States, Supreme Court, and the Senate acting on it, but he wouldn't say whether or not. He'd vote in favor of Emmy conybeare. It's nomination to the Supreme Court, which is really typical of his campaign is really not said something specific much of anything. Add to that an investigation by the Detroit news again that found that James Claim of creating a hundred jobs in Michigan with his company. Maybe a lot of Baloney the numbers are very mixed as a privately held company, but it looks very much like in fact, John James if anything lost jobs net on a net basis in the state of Michigan. So as biggest claim to fame really may not be much of a claim at all what he did there was. He reported well, we hired this many people but never bothered to include the context around it in terms of how many people he lost. So those he didn't report job creation he reported you know headcounts on the payroll as what he reported, and so you see you can't measure job creation that way. But one thing I find interesting about the endorsements of Gary Peters and John, James is that you really seeing Gary Peters wrap up the Detroit area endorsements, people who know Detroit are. Breaking for Gary Peters in a big way, I mean very specific things they're talking about and John James You. Know this is his hometown he's got the James Group they're a big name. He's got a ton of charities and things listed on the James Group website that that company is involved in. And because of that, I would expect him to have a better relationship with Detroit and it just doesn't seem like like all of these endorsements when they look at what's best for Detroit it's it's Garry Peters. It's not. John. James even though John James says over and over again. You know we're involved in the community care about this community. On and on, it's not surprising that a Republican is not getting those endorsements. What's surprising is that John James is not getting them. We were talking earlier about the situation with the Supreme Court and the implications politically for that appointment there's new polling in the New York. Times which speaks a lot to that Christine. I really found it amazing that the president is basically looking I've if he's looking at the polling, he's doing everything. The people don't want him to do when it comes to this. First of all the top line is nationally this New York Times poll which was conducted in conjunction with CNN college show Joe. Biden. With a forty nine, forty, one lead and it's been that way for the last year. Nothing has changed. It doesn't matter what happens. It seems this pre pandemic post pandemic scandal after scandal it's all the same Donald. Trump's got his forty, forty, one, forty, two per said, and it never grows and Joe Biden from the beginning has been in the high forty to fifty, fifty, one percent and that hasn't changed. So that New York Times poll that just came out shows that most voters prefer that the winner of the election. The next election choose the next Supreme Court. Justice. So. They and they trust Joe Biden over Donald Trump. To do a better job in making the pick fifty, six percent have said that they want the next president to appoint the justice and when it comes to healthcare will fifty seven percent support the affordable care act. I don't know how you know. There's a lot of overlap there and that fifty, six, fifty, seven, percent. but because the affordable care act was such, a big deal trump responded by trying to bribe thirty three million senior citizens with two hundred dollar pharmaceutical cards. Reminder. Show up in the mail that's like at least six point six, billion dollars right before. The election, a lot of pharmaceutical executives backed away from it because the optics were so bad a lot of other. Watchdog people lobbyists have just wondered where he's going to get the money. Six point six billion dollars to send these cards out a love what he said about this while. This is this is donald trump nobody's seen this before these cards are incredible these cars will be mailed out in the coming weeks will always take care of our wonderful senior citizens.

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