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Johnson Bank sports desk. Then bucks. President Peter Fagin Negra quite don't John Tiger Woods teed off one into the woods. Okay. Here. Two hundred par on the twelfth hole. Playing in round one of the farmers insurance. Open from Torrey Pines, Jon Rahm, Justin Rose among your leaders at six hundred par. College hoops tonight, the Milwaukee Panthers. Visit right state UW Green Bay at northern Kentucky. Meanwhile, the box embarked on a five game road trip beginning Sunday in Oklahoma City prior to the trip the bucks will rep brief homestand Friday night against the Hornets while Janas garners much to the national attention. Mike Boone Holzer has high praise for the defensive play center brook Lopez. We've got a good thing going defensively with Brooke, and I've been wanting to talk about it every time I get a chance and you guys asking question. I turn it to his defense altering shots. You know? I think you can't say enough about what he's doing for us sound, courtesy of bucks dot com. And then there's James harden, John James harden his. On a tear. Unlike any other in his last five games, the Houston Rockets star is averaging averaging over fifty two points per game. He scored sixty one last night. Now, amazingly he's scored two hundred sixty one straight points over five games. And none of his buckets have come via in assist. None zero. Wow. Zero that's already three pointer, whatever he's doing with the ice. Oh, he's not getting a pass on his way to a layup. Everything is pretty remarkable. I don't know if that's great. Or if they don't know how to. Chris Paul's hurt down there. So I guess he's got nobody gives them the rock. Yeah. That's crazy. Twenty seven and twenty but he's on his scoring bins. That's for sure he's among the leaders along with Janas for the MVP votes. It is three forty six bucks insiders up next sponsored by Waterston Bank, inciting unlimited business owners are.

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