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Those things of course i. I'm a little speechless. I know you guys are tired. Was there anything you guys wanted to say in closing in the last minute or so of the show keep listening to the show as the freetalklive is as far as i can tell the only show of its kind on the radio. There are plenty of other talk programs. But i don't know another one that puts peace and freedom at the forefront of what it talks about not anything that's nationally syndicated radio show on the level of free talk live and they don't like it so keep going help us get back up in order and running again and if you ever want to know for yourself what ian or any of us a believe in you can go to the freaking dot com blog and read for yourself instead of getting your information from some article written about this ridge made to make the goons and terrorists look bad. The terrorists that literally terrorized me. My dog today go shire society as well Shire society dot com and it goes over a good summary of basically you know what we believe and you know sort of for me for closing. I want to thank everybody involved I'm gonna forget you know the the names. There's some people that. I don't want to mention by name. Who have shown support for all of us today whether it was here at the studio over at the bitcoin embassy or just in general supporting the show. Thank you to everybody for all of the things that you've done including just listening to this show. We appreciate you more than you'll ever know. I'm out of stuff. we're out of time. We're going to be seven days a week again. Seven pm to ten pm. Freetalklive dot com. We will be back. There will be more peace. Do you feel like you're nation state or community no longer hold your values. Have you dreamt of a place where people agree that liberty is important and are free to pursue their projects along. They respect the property of others there. Many people just like you. That are discovering free. Private cities dot com. Their social media. Links are at the upper right of the page at free. Private cities dot com. All skill levels will be needed when the first of the free private cities opens it. Sooner than you think. Stop arguing and build free. Private cities dot com. What if the united states and the soviet union had fallen land sea air and the astral plane struggled for dominion across parallel dimensions or on the surface of the moon. What wonders would have been unveiled. Terrorists would have haunted mankind for most dark and dismal dimensions come closer appear through a glass darkly and discover the horrifying alternative visions of world war three from some of today's minds in science fiction. Fantasy and horror weird world war three available now from books at bain books dot com. Are you a crypto currency advocate. The crypto tip is the ideal outreach tool to help new people. Discover crypto currency. It's a printable business. Business-card-sized tip that you can give to service providers preferably in addition to a cash tip when the server scans the qr code. It'll bring up an explanation of crypto currency how to install a wallet and allow them to claim the tip. If they don't claim the crypto. You get your tip refunded to you. After a time period you specify plus if they do claim the tip you get an email alert create as many as you want at crypto tipped out..

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