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I wouldn't like to be in the rover by no no. I wouldn't tie. Now you have a faberge egg vote if you'd were the appropriate but the choice. I mean you choose the lifestyle. William could walk away every never going there. It's sort of i feel. Have you watched the crown. Do you watch that man. I feel i feel that. You know i don't i just feel sorry for them. All of them really. I don't think. I don't think. I don't think it's the thing i'd wanna swap life for to be in that situation regardless of all the money and everything just seems a certainly in recent years a lot of misery for the for the members of the royal family falling in love with the wrong people and being made to do the right thing supposedly in that. That's very much like the chocolate. My family my mom not gonna move our chocolate camilla. Parker bowles is sort of like a really big chocolate. That prince charles wasn't allowed to have ended up having early whitney chocolate Good well look with. I think we're nearly done look i. It's been really. We've you and i taught for a long time. It feels if we thought about fifty five minutes here feels incredible. I is there anything else coming up. Say you want to the podcast. Which is called jackie. We that has the authority that the correct name. It is which you can get wherever you get your podcast. That will hopefully be ongoing forever. There's an episode of me coming up. Is there anything else. Exciting in the pipeline. Bits which account tell you about. Then yeah book. Let's bring in but it's just the editing stage at the moment so that was quite interesting book about was the book about. I think as a book of common sense okay. That sounds good very good christmas gift. House the gesture association of local councils and then coming up that we need to know about from the rest of the. Are you still able to do your your work. Your chief off. Yeah busy dude. I mean i mean. I work weekends and even needs a social whatever actually actually after being big of a social life anyway. I kind of the day job is very interactive with people. And it's kind of to be unpeopled into time. I make sense. It does make sense. You their home of you coming in looking after the dog. I think he's missing you. I think just wanted to spend time with you. Work into well. He's been brilliant. I mean clearly to do all the stuff. I've been doing and continue to do job as well means something has had to go and that's just largely been anything to do with the allegation people often say. Oh what's it like when you walk down the street and you recognize walk down the street and goes and does all the shopping. While i was i was just about ask you whether the no every time anyone you interview anyone the get will the catch phrases thrown back ers wondering if that happened if you did go out. But it's got to the stage where it's still fun or is it. Is it getting to put. we thinking. This is gonna be annoying if this is every compensation have it. It's it's not allowed to be annoying if biscuits as well not allowed to be annoying because that would really be biting the hand that feeds you. And i definitely got the impression. I didn't pop out to the supermarket. I had that sense of people looking at me. Questioning is it isn't it but i think the funniest one was when i went for my job..

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