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The files collected by paula horn contained not only air corn statements but accounts from other witnesses about the native curtis francis and jennifer gets murders. What i was reading on them was unbelievable. There were witness statements out of an investigative files in the pike. County sheriff's office contained in this box of records to this box records contained every document. That somebody like me could only dream of having when you start investigating a murder. That's ten years old at that point in time and what she had in her possession documents that ultimately provided a whole lot of answers for jimmy's family. We win every shred of paper in this case file. I made sure. I understood who every person was who these players are how they were connected. Next job was then to go talk to the victims families. So i went to judy conley. Who is kurt francis. His mother jody bar revealed some of the other statements taken by police in their investigation into kurt. Jennifer's murderer to the family. These accounts however seemed to contradict what era corn initially told authorities. Here again. angie. Montgomery one statement is from a gentleman whose house courtesy was at the night that he got murdered. He stated that his brother and his friend eric corn had left after curtis had left about ten thirty or eleven and took a rifle off the wall and went in killed curtis jenny and that they came back with bloody clothes in the shower took a shower. Got the blood. Often them took their clothes out in the yard and put them in a black trash bag in burnt them all at the command of his mother. Because apparently curtis owed the mother's fiance. Three hundred dollars is what i was told. And then there's another statement and they told the same story that they took a rifle off. The wall came back. Bloody took a shower bird. Close eric. corn denies any and all involvement in curtis and jennifer's murders. Jody bar knew that the information he had could help track down curtis and jennifer killers. But there was one problem. Jody couldn't get any more information from investigators. We can't pull the records in this case. They're all under seal. This is still considered although it's cold it's attending open investigation regardless of whether investigators are actively working or not. These are not records. You can get a hold of under the open records. Act so what you have at that point. The only thing you have are the witnesses and family members who may have been in contact or who may have remembered something from from back when this began. But i knew there was something here. I just had to get somebody from the family to work with us to help us. Then all the sudden this guy was huge. Winter jacket walks in from the backyard and greasy. He's been working on a car. And it's paul francis. His brother is kerr trances and judy. Introduces us and i tell him why why i am there. In his whole demeanor changed he looked angry. And i'm thinking okay. This is this going to be one of those where i get hauled out of the by collar belt loops and paul tells me is. Let's get your car. i've got something to show you. So get the car and we drive from his home over to win road and he walks me out to the edge of the property and he says this is a well and then he starts telling me the story about the story that this well told that he just happened to find. Paul jody that in july of twenty sixteen. He was doing the plumbing job at the same house on winn road that curtis was last seen at the night of his murder in two thousand six. By this point the previous owners had moved out doing plumbing work. So he sees a waterline running outside with an electrical wire running out alongside the pipe. So he's trying to pull this water lineup and it gets to a point where he he can't pull it up out of the ground any longer so then starts pulling this electrical wire and it snakes across the yard and it goes down a hill under a pile of junk in the yard as you described it and he digs down in. He finds this well. Shaft paul told me in the back of his mind and suspicion was that this could hold some sort of answer to his brothers. It sister-in-law's murder. You told me. He had a gut feeling about it. So paul francis called the pike county sheriff's office into investigate by two thousand sixteen. The department was headed up by charlie reader who as we know would later be jailed on charges related to corruption in office at the moment when an twenty six. What were you guys feelings about. Charlie reader were you hopeful. Yeah you're hopeful with every new. Sheriff he also had his hands full because the road and massacre had just happened. We knew that resources were probably stretched. But we also thought the bci the fbi. They're already down here in our county that gave us a little bit of hope of maybe The sheriff will say something and and pick up on this too. We were very hopeful that he would do something and something would happen. So the sheriff. Charlie reader paid a local plumbing company to run on plumbers camera down the well they were able to capture images of a handgun ant then this lever action rifle been that is very similar to the gun that air corn described in his two thousand eight letter that he sent his mom from prison. Let's stop here for another quick break. We'll be back in a moment. Okay so i gotta tell you about shopping at home sense. Oh yeah. I need to check that out. Is it good. It's better than good. trust me. it's a whole new way to shop. Maybe even life changing seriously. Oh yeah see. Home sense is part of the homegoods family. So you know going in that everything will be less than you expect to pay. I love that. 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