Bill Reiter, South Carolina, CBS discussed on Yankees Baseball (Air Only)


My call up to show the more i listen to you the more i love you it's later than you with bill reiter what's going on this friday bill rider with your we're talking about quarterbacks under massive pressure this year whether you think they're going to live up to eight five five two one two four cbs anthony in south carolina what's up man you're on cbs sports radio first things first i want you to get in touch with cougar and tell them i said how long them every day when i listened to your show i will know fights in the parking lot i love it i will say hi all right so here's the thing i'm a life long waiting fan as you know and so i think there's an immense amount of pressure on derek called the move vegas and a down year yet last near i think he's got a really really prove himself what i'm a little worried because that both head coach doesn't know what the hell do it a quarterback so he has i'm worthy anthony no i think gruden's have complete joke but at least he didn't get paid one hundred zero that's right he's going to be there forever and make so much money i like derek carr derek carr fan he's had some letdowns in the receiving core there and michael crabtree obviously has moved on and it's been a weird time for that organization as you try to figure out where you're going to go are you gonna move what's the situation are you going to vegas what's the loyal those things can take a toll mario cooper hasn't been particularly impressive martavis bryant amari cooper is going to be a really interesting group of guys for car to rely on jordy nelson as a pro we'll see if he's still has it it's an interesting new for the most part receiving core yeah i think he's under a lot of pressure and i don't have a lot of confidence in gruden whatsoever anthony and south carolina eight five five two one two four cbs seth in louisiana what's going on man you're on cbs sports.

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