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Jay tried to get a little bit of buzz this week with an that's their new digital service they it has the most predictable name ever it will be called the dc universe is the name of this digital service in is launching with an animated harley quinn animated young justice new scenes excited about outsiders live action titans movie is going to feature like night wing and robin and star fire and something i totally get mooners about i didn't know they were doing they are doing a live action swamp thing show with james wan as executive producer hid that's amazing imran yeah you're not going to give any love to young justice young justice is good we had it good we had grad is me on the show we did greg he doesn't listen anymore i'm pretty sure so what we did have greg weisman way back when there was we didn't even know if it was going to get another season remember yes anything's possible all the watch it on netflix campaign and then it got it was very exciting utah but if any here's my question are you excited enough to pay for this fucking streaming service on top of everything else that's that we need to pay for it no because there's too many streaming services now i don't think anybody should pay a lot of streaming services i wanna watch the cobra kai but i don't wanna pay for you to bread it's too many many here shit outta hulu i want to watch i pay for that shit like how many is enough entity let's say twelve bucks for each service now i liked it when it was i like doing it was hulu and netflix and then amazon prime like two or three consolidate they'll consolidate eventually when it gets big enough they're gonna hold they're going to have to because everyone's none of these are going to make enough money.

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