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But really it was never in the in the pocket for Portland at any point who this after far from it if okay see could have made a couple of threes they were knocking on a door basically tire second half, they shot five thirty. Three five thirty three from three point line that they made their last two at one point. I don't know. I don't know what they were shooting Portland. Eleven for twenty five forty four percent. They overcame all the offensive rebounds. Okay. See all the shots. They missed came up with eighteen offense of rebounds. I thought really gutty performance by. Okay. See but Portland to their credit. Never let them plov their way back into the game. The headliners were a big part of this Lillard leads them all with thirty twenty four from CJ McCollum. Meanwhile, Russell Westbrook. Another triple double in the postseason and Paul George in the headlines here, maybe for a different reason here in the loss. Again, I got twenty six points, which is amazing but eight for twenty four from the field for fifteen for three point line a player who's trademark all this year. Spend the efficiency it wasn't there today. I think the shoulder was bothering him. Dennis schroder. Dave Molyneux off the bench. But took seventeen chats to get that five for seventeen and his can't talk about somebody pitching in twenty points eighteen boards couple of block shots shots. Talking about that nine blocks outs for the Portland trailblazers. So I think the team played better and deserved to win. That's what happened tonight every time. He's to lace it up. It's going to be an adventure. So you're prepared for game one of the series react for game two. This is just a moments ago that we saw the finish of this game. But perhaps what could a reaction be for both sides the Tuesday. Billy gonna tell us guys guys. We're not gonna shoot fifteen percent of the three point line. Again. You got to do a lot of the things we did. Well tonight, particularly our second have defense which significantly better than the first half. I think for Terry starts. He's going to talk about the offense of rebounding. No surprise what a great rebounding team. Oklahoma City is and both teams are going to spend time talking about turnovers. Nineteen Portland sixteen for okay? See that's too much when you want to win. In the playoffs, and I'll after losing ten straight postseason games Portland emerges winner. Here this afternoon in game. One finals nor one hundred four to ninety nine for PJ Colosimo..

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