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Shopped, it's first and save money on New Toyota's Hyundais and Subaru's visit that small dot com transparency You can trust I'm Jo Conway. W th the traffic Not a storm Team four meteorologist Lauren Rickets. We're stuck in the clouds today and listen, we could see a few peeks his son as we go through the middle part of the day, But I'm going to keep a chance of a shower. Sprinkle as we go through the middle Part of the day is well with some more thunderstorms possible this afternoon and continuing through this evening, but just small chances. The lot of us are staying dry 20 to 30% chance that you'll see some thunderstorms. Pop this afternoon, mid eighties and human today, right around 90 With more sunshine tomorrow. Still human tomorrow isolated. NdeR storms possible and then a low nineties on Monday, plenty of sunshine, another small chance of rain. I'm 17 4 meteorologist Lauren Rickets. We're seeing some of those Sprinkles west of Fredericksburg, east of Culpeper. Right now, it's 73 degrees in Washington. A 10 10 trial dates have now been set in a high profile murder case here. It was the day after Christmas Last year when Yusef Oscar a 56 year old door dash driver was shot and killed at a Denny's on suddenly road in the Manassas area. Two murder suspects now know when they'll be going on trial inside Nova reports The trials will be next year. Jordan Anderson's trial starting on April 14th and the trial for Ryan Walker is set for June 21st. Alone, County Sheriff's Office says the two men went into the Denny's robbed employees and customers, then shot and killed Youseff Oscar as he was walking into the restaurant Nick in Delhi. W T o P News There's concern about possible covert 19 exposures.

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