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It's flowing good right now and I'll say that and then Arkansas going to have some big things in football. I think KJ Jefferson will be in New York next year and you'll be first team all preseason and we will go 11 and one. Well, Trey, thank you. I love upbeat fan. Your basketball prediction is intriguing. And I'm not laughing at it because I think Arkansas is playing extremely well. They have everybody back. I think they have one of the most dangerous march coaches in the country in coach Musk. Thank you very, very much. Matt. All better how you doing, mister Paul fine bomb. There's some news you might find interesting. You might hurt a guest today. The actual thing in and back in Texas, I need to do that for you to play a solid film in 2024. I want your thoughts on that. And what do you think of our backlog being this? I'm impressed. I can't do what I thought. I want your thoughts on it. How does it get to be like a 2024? Yeah, man, I think browser is a great basketball coach and what you're talking about is Ross Björk, the athletic director at a and M is quoted as saying that the first Texas a and M Texas game will be a Kyle field. We had the writer for the athletic on yesterday who wrote about that. Thanks for the call. Appreciate it very, very much. And Louis is an Arkansas. Hey Louie, good afternoon. Hey, Paul. I'm not going to ask you how you're doing. I want to tell you a little short story and then I have a couple of things I want to talk about. Oh boy, he's at home. Alarm goes off at gets up out of bed. He goes outside to see the dog and steps on the dog's tail of the dog turns around biting. The guy goes back inside the house, his wife's hand and he coffee and spills on his arm, the top. And it falls and breaks, and then he goes into work and the first thing that happens with boss comes in, he says, hey, you didn't fill out these reports. And it was just all downhill. He gets in from work. And he goes inside and sits down and watches TV for a little bit, about ten minutes later. He hears a knock on the door. He opens the door and it's his tail end dragon in. So I'm thinking that's probably how you're feeling though over the suite. But this is what I do and I love doing it so I appreciate all the kind words, but we're doing great here. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are not as a result of this absolute tragedy. You'd be well. You take care of yourself. Bobby is an Oxford. Hey, Bobby. Hey, Paul. Well, it's been interesting. Can you hear me? Yes, I can. You sound great. Okay. Two quick questions. And obviously, I'm an old mister one, and. Yet call around a couple of days ago that made it really good point and I haven't seen it in a dress on any other of the ESPN shows and they try to address everything else out soon, but he made the point that. Even if the Alabama star player or whatever isn't guilty or should have been dead and went to the investigation turns out. But he made the point that he violated the student rule of multiple issues and if you just Joe smoke, then they pull that card, but if there's somebody else and I don't pull that card and I want your thoughts on that and then finally, omens fired their basketball coach with some. And I just wanted to see if you knew anybody that maybe. Yeah, Bobby, on the second part, Kermit Davis was a go today. There's a lot of names being mentioned. Probably the most interesting name was Chris beard. Who remember was that Texas? Took his team a couple of years ago to the championship game, then he got hired at Texas, had the team number one in the country and then he got fired in this rather ugly domestic issue. Where he was arrested or he was, I think he was arrested and then his fiance dropped the charges. I think it's a real opportunity for all this to bring in a big name coach. Someone who can advance the program, which it needs. It really has gone nowhere recently. We'll take a short break. We are coming back with much, much more. You are listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Continue on AJ is up next. Mister fine bomb, happy Friday. I want to do a BMW for the way. If you don't mind? No. I think that dust is way one of the best of the work. I've got two. Best of the week was Dustin Collin breaking up the morale for the week. That was, I literally busted out laughing driving down the road listening about him. My sister, but it was asking you for the vibe. About what to do, but unfortunately my brother is a non binary that identifies as a woman, so that might be why he's over such a hard time. You know, the best of the week, though, part is how you've proven how you are the goat of all goats. I mean, wait, the lawyers need to quit calling in on Friday today. Okay, because we now allow yours don't work on Friday, pal. And you have literally sliced and diced this debacle in Tuscaloosa. So many and answered hundreds and hundreds of questions and possible I mean, Paul, you've literally proven yourself over and over again all week. You've done, I mean, you are absolutely the best in sports talk show. I mean, it doesn't get any better. You're going to force me to like you again. No, I'm not. Let's get hang on a minute. You know, but I'm being dead serious. You know, I've kind of conjured you around about the money you make, you know? You know, but you deserve to be where you're at, my brother. Thank you. And I have to take my black cat to you. Today, 100%. There's not one person that has been hammered with questions. You spent 20 hours on your show this week. And just boom, boom, boom. You got to answer for everything or a possible or I just don't know. But what if? And you've done a great job, follow this way. Absolutely great job. I mean, I just have to commend you and I want to challenge the fine bomb nation for the next two hours. Let's leave this man alone. He's already proved and said, oh, he can say. There's nothing more he can add to it. So everybody puts your

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