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Done we day mornings five to ten AM on news. Newsradio KLBJ. They newsradio. Genius to six thirty good morning on more Caesar. This update is brought to you by certapro painters. Asylum-seeking immigrants may be facing much more time in detention attorney general William bars ending the practice that has afforded asylum seekers the chance to ask a judge to grant them bond, while the cases are pending if they clear a credible. Fear interview bars decision will have a wide impact. Gregory Chen, the director of government relations for the American immigration lawyers association says about ninety percent of asylum seekers past their credible. Fear interview. However, the decision does not apply to asylum-seeking families because they generally can't be held for longer than twenty days. It also does not apply to unaccompanied minors. Mike rossier? Washington. Denver schools are closed today as the FBI searches for a woman who may be planning a school shooting. We identified miss soul pace as having traveled from Miami. She has made some concerning comments in the past. She has expressed an infatuation with Columbine and events shooting there that happened tragically twenty years ago. And because of that we were concerned the FBI says the woman bought a shotgun after landing at the airport in Denver, Texas, House Republicans have approved a Bill that would level criminal penalties on doctors. If they don't provide enough care for babies who survive in abortion attempt abortion, doctors that failed to provide proper care would face a third degree felony charge up to one hundred thousand dollars, civil fine state rep Matt Leach authored the legislation provide teeth and enforcement mechanisms to ensure that a Texas baby who is more alive. After an attempted abortion receives the highest standards of medical care. Democratic state rep Donna Howard called the Bill blatantly false and inflammatory. There have been zero reported instances of any child born alive after an abortion in Texas at the capitol. Chris FOX, News Radio KLBJ practice of cities and counties using taxpayer money to hire lobbyists to work against taxpayers. As a step closer to ending. The state Senate has passed SP twenty nine which restricts the practice Texas GOP party chairman James Dickey expects this legislation to sail through the house and under governor abbots desk. Consider this seriously realizes how how the current situation is. And so we're not really sensing much pushback from people on getting this tax, Bill, still elected officials and paid employees of cities and counties to advocate for against legislation. So long as they do not have to register as lobbyists, Eric like, NewsRadio KLBJ six thirty three. Here's Austin's on time traffic with Don prior. Well, a few incidents out there right now, you want to be aware of we do have a wreck right now southbound service road one eighty three balconies club look out for that. That's going to be between balconies club and Anderson mill and traffic hazard airport at Goodwin a little slow there. We do have a wreck east twentieth. Leona clearing up and to grow delays building. Elsewhere, and it's a little slick out there. And the light rain won't take it easy post on private Austin's on time. Traffic breezy today with variably cloudy skies and a high of eighty one than rather,.

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