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Presented by meadow. Hey, good morning playbook. I'm all in, it's Friday. Today's show, a bit of a tour through the swing states and the upcoming midterm election. It's your Politico playbook daily briefing. We are 18 days out from election day and Politico colleague Natalie Allison got her hands on some new polling data out of Nevada that shows the closely watched race between democratic senator Catherine Cortez masto, and Republican Adam laxalt, tightening even further. According to a poll conducted this week by the conservative club for growth and shared exclusively with Politico, laxalt has inched ahead of Cortez masto by two percentage points within the polls margin of error, again from a month ago when he was down three percentage points. Alaska's independence seemed poised to swing dramatically toward the Democrats, and that could be an ominous sign for Republicans throughout the nation, politicos, David cider's reports from wasilla, Alaska, an excerpt in a state that Donald Trump carried by ten percentage points in 2020. Alaska's closest approximation to the former president, Sarah Palin, and the wall, and for the first time in nearly 50 years, Alaska had sent a Democrat to the house. It probably wouldn't have happened without Alaska's unusual ranked choice voting system. The state hadn't turned democratic overnight after all, but it was possible that Palin's loss had revealed something alarming for Republicans about the limitations of a maga personalities appeal, and the post Donald Trump presidential era, not just in Alaska, but in the lower 48 as well. Politicos, Burgess Everett reports from Toledo that Ohio representative Tim Ryan may be running the Democrats most valuable Senate campaign, even if he doesn't win. The self described democratic underdog is neck and neck with JD Vance. In so doing, Ryan is forcing Republican groups to spend more than $30 million countering him rather than on democratic health seats in places like Arizona and Colorado. That in turn is bullying Dems hopes nationwide, just in Broadsky, who managed Ohio democratic senator sherrod brown's victorious 2018 campaign had this to say. He's going to be responsible one way or the other for helping Democrats hold the Senate. Win or lose. The poll numbers are close enough that he could hear a sense of incredulity, creeping in as people whisper about the campaign. Could Ryan actually pull off the seemingly impossible and flip a GOP Senate seat in a Trump state in a brutal cycle for Democrats. Burgess told playbook on Thursday night, Ryan takes a different tack than most Democrats, attacking China, and criticizing the national party. To the point that Republicans say he's running like one of them. Right now it's an outside shot at winning, but he needs to counter strong headwinds apparent throughout the rest of the state. He'd really be shocking the world if he does. One of his is he toxic a real person, even as he's pretty on message and focused, like, say, a mix of shared Brown and John tester. In a different political climate, he might be favored to win, even in Ohio. Here's what's up in Washington today starting with The White House at 11 a.m. eastern, president Joe Biden will deliver remarks on the economy. Afterward, you'll head to Dover Delaware or he'll deliver remarks on student debt relief. After Dover, he'll head to Rehoboth, press secretary, queen Jean Pierre, but goggle aboard Air Force One on the way to Dover, the House and the Senate are out today. For more news, on what's breaking in D.C. right now, subscribe to the playbook newsletter. That's that Politico dot com slash playbook or music is composed by the mysterious breakmaster cylinder. Playbook's editor is Mike de bonus Zack Stanton is playbook's deputy editor. The executive producer and head of audio here at Politico as Jenny Ahmed. I'm ragu and have a good weekend. We'll see you first thing. Monday morning. Some people say the metaverse will only be virtual. One day, surgeons will get countless hours of additional hands on practice in the metaverse before operating on patients. The metaverse will help make education more interactive, allowing students to travel to space, to learn about the rings of Saturn up close, or to ancient room, to watch Mark Antony debate in 32 BC. In the.

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