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To appear I need to tell you what to look out for what to know and coming up yet later. there's a new regulation coming out there is going to allow. people to buy all sure inefficient light bulbs again I mean explain to you why that is a trap for you and your wallet. and I wanna talk now about something that has been kind of sitting out there for the last nineteen years and it's something I can't believe it it's something I talked about. back when it first became your right to have your medical records. well now. their federal agency department health Human Services. once you to be able to very easily cat. your medical records from the hospital why outpatient surgery center doctor's office specialist office whatever and then be able to store those records and an app. and have them available when you need them that I'm a typical clueless guy. and what is a typical clueless guy well. we don't remember what our spouses said to us. and I can tell you my wife can cite back to me word for word. what she said to me that somehow I have a race from my memory. and we never remember. like for example you know I'll be as they went so I said we had a tetanus shot I'm like I don't know I mean I remember anything like that and once I've gotten well from an illness. I can't tell you. when I was still exactly what I had usually I can remember that. what meds I might have taken whatever. and so for me having access. my medical records my medical history right on an apple my phone. would be fantastic in certain situations that could be a lifesaver. but then there's the other side of this. which is where yeah I told you about Google getting fined for invading kids privacy on you too for very young children and all the stuff that goes on with what Facebook does all the time to. mess with your information and do weird stuff so this is one that gosh I. I know I'm supposed to say yeah download one of these Arabs when it's available and use it to store all your medical data. the thing I'm nervous about. at the same time in the thing you've got to weigh the costs versus the benefit what happens with that information. yeah we could be a data breach that exposes deep data files medical history on us it could be insurance companies behaving badly using that information illegally to decide they don't want to do this that or the other for you. is where that is illegal so. this is one that we've got to have clear rules. on how the information is guarded how the information is protected I saw in The New York Times item that apple is designing their medical out where the information would be encrypted and stored on your own device instead of on their servers so the only if your own device was hacked apparently would it be a recess the kind of thing that should be thought through and be employees and it is specially important as far as the android side is concerned because most market share is with androids. that there be an equivalent kind of protection in place and as. more apps become available where you can store your medical data will be really important to know what are the security protocols and what kind of thought has gone into how to protect that private information we also need to have clear laws passed that restrict access to our personal medical information by let's start with the shortlist insurers because they're not trustworthy and employers because you don't want people to be able to redline potential employees based on what may be. in somebody's medical record medical history you know if an employer wants you to have a physical. for jobs to make sure they want to hire you that's fine but I'm talking about way past that. Jenny is with us on the Clark Howard show hi Jenny how are you doing. I'm fine how are you great thank you so you have a question for me about getting tires and. this is an area where the stakes are much higher than they used to be because tires are so much more expensive than they used to be. yeah how much is a set of tires for your vehicle. I'm not even looked yet I have a two thousand fifteen are used sedan and I know that the last time I had my car serviced a few weeks ago and they said well you're approaching the fifty thousand mark and that'll be a time where you'll need to you know get a new set of tires and okay so immediately after all is that the truth you know who says that fifty thousand is the United golden number and then secondly I thought yeah do I have to get the at the dealership. tires in the car your time out the car dealer. they didn't know well. in a car dealer. yeah like I was told. don't even consider that no nodes that from your list of considerations okay it's not core what they do and when you get something like tires car dealer it's a convenience to get it there they may even farm it out to a tire center nearby that you're not even aware they're doing that and there's a much higher markup on tires car dealer then they would be going to. tired you know an independent tire shop when the tire chains or are getting tiresome tire rack dot com if you've heard of them are getting a minute sams or Costco. okay so is it true do you think that the fifty thousand mark is the right time to get new tires well if I ever had a set of tires that made it to fifty thousand I mean I would try to dance yet Irish jig or something but that's not gonna happen because a I'm never going to make it to fifty thousand so. it's pretty phenomenal but the tyre itself will tell you if it needs to be replaced and I don't remember what year this started but there's a little teeny are rich. on a tire in the trek. if that ridge equals the remaining trad your tire absolutely needs to be replaced. and so it it's more based on the individual tires I had some tires that basically had given up their useful life at thirty seven thousand miles on our mini van yeah. I'm a real man that drives a minivan it's true so. so I was driving in a rainstorm and the vehicle was hydroplaning even well below the speed on and I was like sure enough I went to I got a new set of Costco and when I went there it was like yeah these tires need to be replaced and so I went ahead and did it but I should have been paying attention and checked way before I was in a dangerous situation with my kids in a rain storm so you can you can actually hi Paul this rather than going by the mileage. phase four is where to shop for tires again if I can get you to eliminate the car dealer that you got to do that if you care about my cat and are you a member of either the warehouse club chains. neck okay so if you if you check both.

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