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I get to make a slap on the wrist. And I'm like so in this case, I am rooting for a prosecutor to come in and throw your ass on the December. So I don't know what that means for me. I don't know what that makes me. But I don't think I'm alone in that, you know, 'cause I'm sick of reading these stories, and then we get there. And it's like, yeah. He got six years life for murder if you just walked up in the street and cold-bloodedly shot someone in the fucking face. They had done nothing to you. You will get long into that. You know, you just walked into the house and killed your wife. Or your husband, or whatever you get longer than that got killed his girlfriend? Well, he got to go to jail along in that as soon as you say trans. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. That must be stakes worker who was going to rob him and attack. You know, they must have tried to try to come onto him. And it's kinda like a defense. I mean, you can't help yourself. You gotta kill people like shoulda shoulda. So while so it's interesting how the genders flip depending on what how people feel about shit. I want people to know that because she was transgender doesn't mean she was not love that. She was not care for said, Jessica shontae sto Kelly's mother, and then the interview ABC news. She says she has a family who cared about her who loved her. And I want them to know that transgender ladies expressly those colors. They're not. They're just not throwaways people care about them. She was educated. She was Garfield. She loved her. She loved others human being in the United States, America. You have the right to be who you wanna be. And you shouldn't be shamed. Or bully. Are persecuted for the choice. You make the victims. Cousin into co are maps and calm started to go from you paid the family pay for Kelly's funeral cars. A little cruise a spokesman for us. Both LGBTQ nonprofit anti-violence project called balance against trans women the national epidemic and noted Kelly sto spoke out on the balance against him. And just a few years ago only to become a victim of violence. We mourn the loss of her life at the anti-violence project and will work to honor her up lifting the whole of her life as a vibrant member of the Detroit community and ballroom seeing and not racer as a minimum number of statistic. And these was quoted by twenty fifteen in twenty fifteen guarding and five on the murder of twenty year old black transgender woman the article was quotas, though, using her stage name keenum, Mattel a Canada tale. Focused on trans residents not feeling to protect about a choice. Police the police are unaware with struggles. So they have no sympathy for asto told the new site. Nobody ever ask what happened to that person to get here? Stowe's murder case has been assigned especially prosecutor, Jamie Powell Horowitz who works for the fair. Michigan Justice project are pro Bono collaboration between fair Michigan. The LGBTQ advocacy group in the Wayne County prosecutor office Dana Nessel, president of fair Michigan and the state's attorney general said FM J P was founded because she and other LGBTQ advocates noticed the exponential rise in hate crimes really against all minority communities, but especially against the LGBTQ community kowcase is were going unresolved dominion them, quite frankly were not investigated..

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