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No real honest here just like everybody else I mean. I'm training like it's going to happen on time. Because of the age old saying you know if you stay ready, you don't have to get ready so I'm just trying to stay ready. Make sure that we're ready. And hopefully we can start on time because we do want to give the people something to watch. Get excited about a sense of normalcy. At the same time. We WanNA to be safe. You know we have some coaches. We have staff members who are up there in age and we just WANNA. Make sure all protecting everybody people that have preexisting conditions just make sure that. Everybody's safe and that whatever whoever's at the highest risk, we want them to be safe and comfortable so as long as that's okay. We certainly want to get back out there and give people from our team. Absolutely think it's GonNa. Be Harder for teams to get on the same page as season because of the disruption caused by the pandemic, or it'll be a little easier because your your body to take a bit of a break, and you didn't have to take unnecessary hits. So in two thousand eleven my first year in the League We didn't have an off-season program because of the lockout so I've actually been through something similar to this before. We didn't have the workouts in the time together. I mean as long as you've been working out training and doing what you need to do. You can get together and get on the same page throughout the course of training camp and this year we have the added bonus zoom meetings and guys being able to communicate that way, but wants training camp gets going. It's just everybody has to be all hands on decorating role, and what if you spent the entire pandemic just eating? I'M NOT GONNA lie somewhat excited just to see if we have anybody in that. Be just comical just to see. The guy that literally didn't leave his cows hang just sitting there like..

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