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And a few days later the scene was memorialized in a political cartoon by clifford berryman in the washington post not the knife moment but the moment where roosevelt decides not to shoot the bear and the cartoon was called drawing a line in mississippi and insured roosevelt with this gunned down and his arm out sparing the bears life and the bear was sitting on a tyne legs with these two big frightened wide eyes and ears pricked up at the top of it said it looked really helpless like he just wanted to kind of sweep it up into your arms and reassure it would've looked familiar at the time but if you go looking for the cartoon now you sort of recognize the animal right away it's a teddy bear this is how the teddy bear was born essentially toymakers took the bear from the cartoon turned into a plush toy and then named it after president roosevelt teddy bear and you you can really trace that barron the cartoon two the teddy bear that's anthropomorphized for cuddly looking somewhat pathetic looking creature from barry men's cartoon plan the teddy bear meanwhile he's eating bear filet mignon in his tent yet the last day they had a roasted bear paws i think it was they had do did not learn that at the toy store no and that's and that's the point i think it's cutting a barrel with a knife and put quote putting it out of its misery does not seem sympathetic now though it did at the time so before all this happened it didn't occur to anyone to make like a cute cuddly bear toy right you know that you didn't have bare toys unless the bears were these kind of scary monsters.

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