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Know sweltering hot building building that thing to until the and I was telling the guys like Matt was sending me pictures of the bill and I'm like sending them to the guys and I'm like I'm like. Can you believe that like this is happening like well? The biggest one just you know we we can show up and we're like this is insane. It was just totally insane man. Yeah I mean the it's It's got to be surreal. That you're just you know sitting back to Laxton and you know you're this. This guy you hired is doing the work for you and sending you pictures and how it's being done it's it's that's gotTa be you know. Surreal. It was. It was incredible man. I mean it's had been saying it's hands down the most incredible thing that we've ever been a part of a band. I mean we've done some killer videos. He's done some killer shows and gone to open up for my all time favorite punk rock band. I mean we played for like sounds of people in my hometown but this was above and beyond cooler than anything we've ever been apart like it was just so sick well. The video turned out amazing. And I encourage everyone to check it out It's called morning in obviously lights over. Bridgeport look it up on Youtube or better yet. Just obviously go follow all the lights over bridgeport social media pages and stuff and you'll find it there too So I obviously. There's a story line that goes along with the video you know. It starts with a break-up and then it ends with a new relationship so I'm guessing that's kind of Relates obviously to the song. Yeah it does. It does pretty closely It's I wouldn't say that It's a direct reflection of Acerra like what I love the song about what I mean..

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