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Couple of weeks since ab been acquired quiet. Ab has made a living in Pittsburgh off their off scheduled plays on off schedule place. Please okay big. Ben Scrambles big. BEN GETS UP TO POCKET. AB breaks off his row fifty to sixty percent of his catches has been on the off schedule plays. This is not that often on schedule. He has to run routes. He has to be where he's supposed be if he's not he's not getting the ball Abe has dominated the game because of how has played his sacrilegious about what's coming out of your mouth. You're taught understand what he's done but we can look and see what he can do it. What I'm saying is it's not like it's like leaving your basketball your basketball your basketball right? It's taken Carmelo anti big topic right He needs to be an NBA gus but it's like taking Carmelo Anthony putting them in a triangle. That's what that is right you need you to God and God wants to dominate the ball. He needs to be the man. That's what you're doing with a receiver like that. That's the type of receiver I was. I'm back sat on one on one. The ball is coming to me well. What are you trying want to say that it would be appropriate one Mellon? It's more it's more it's hard receiver to go out there and just run at twelve and comeback into balls right there. You like that Brandon. Some offices offenses out there in programs schemes where it's like look go be a player. I get I get it but are you saying that if Abe because he's not used to doing that even if he does it. Josh Gordon's an amazing talent edelman is excellent as chemistry with Brady. Ab is not going to get the numbers. He wants to get in New England not are you saying that that will be a problem in terms of his personality one hundred percent think about it even in new early. Wait me call God. I'm the man I'm the best. I'M GONNA. I'm going to Jerry Rice so you think. Do you really think that he's GonNa be okay with just win. It's got to be the best receiver put up numbers. Here's the brain future. What about this season? I mean for one season not thinking about winning a super bowl trying to breath about this right. You're a player right. Yes Yawn. A team. Team is everything but the end of the day you have a job to do. Your job is to be the best player and if you're not if you don't live up to your capabilities your cut your on your done players. I'm going to be honest with you the greatest players they think about themselves first. That's what happens right. Tom Brady is not going out but they're just saying I'm just here you know. I don't care about throwing four touchdowns. You really believe that no. ABC wants fifteen hundred yards a year. He wants fifteen touchdowns a year he has. I told you believe that you know why because he doesn't have anything else approve now he does it by Kissing Brandon Marshall's the need tire our we'll leave it there and guess what you said. This game was a preseason one. Don't worry they got a couple more preseason game. Patriots jets next week than the Bill Johnson jets time jazz it up on maybe a ride according to our Adam schefter saints quarterback Beck drew brees is expected to undergo thumb surgery and could miss approximately six weeks maximum. Asu that's what the news should big DB maybe the favorite in the NFC cowboys no not to get to the Super Bowl because I understand the offensive play calling as much more dynamic and Dacca's responding bonding to it and all that but in the moment of truth their head coach I think has a conservative nature. That's going to backfire specially when you look at teams like the rams for example Zampa who have who although he got conservative in the Super Bowl but more dynamic and who have more experience being dynamic I I think when drew brees gets back. I think Teddy Bridgewater can keep them afloat goal three and three something like that when drew brees gets back I also liked the saints and and it really does for me. Come back. Come down to the head coach. If you look at the whole roster the cowboys are the most talented team you know all fifty took the most talented team in the NFC. They have talent everywhere like they have time to the point where the average fan the names of guys playing on the offensive line you know the everywhere you look they have named rant and they're all in their prize but when it comes down to it I don't believe in Jason Garrett the way I believe in and Sean Payton or even Sean mcvay and so I'm GonNa say they have the best record in the NFC but didn't get to the Super Bowl. I don't think they get into the super bowl either but that wasn't the question. The question is whether they should be the favorite in particular moment time in light of the fact that drew brees is going to be out but several weeks and by that I would say yes do. I believe that that means the Dallas cowboys going to super hailed no. I'll I'm not this person. I'm not giving it. I'm not giving these tablets instead. I'm not doing it. I'm just telling you I'm not dealing with welcome dear light up of a hold of a deal. I did the damn cop cowboy fans everywhere make. I'd have a quote listen there cowboy fence that makes me go not not giving it to them Green Room. I wrote down something it time to give Jerry Jones respect no hold on yes but that's not the issue why not take the point. Here's the deal drew brees coming back. I think that the saints at best are three Rian three without him assuming he comes back after six weeks. Okay you're gonNA take you go. Take time to get your parents under you. At the end of the day. I think Dallas is Roland. The Saints Saint Struggling they get to the postseason probably but they will have home field advantage. I think New Orleans Loses in Dallas. I don't think they lose New Orleans all these but I think they lose a Dallas whereas what the eagles I think the eagles could take Dallas in big deep but that does not mean that Dallas should not be the favourite considering considering the way Dacca's plan and we know what the Dallas cowboys deeper give respect where do the deep this is real. Yes it's read three first of all it is time to give Jerry Jones respect think about the move couple years Jones you mean Jerry Jones getting away. The Dow Jones is my friend Brent. Oh that's why. Are you interested in like that. That's not how does not friendship cowboys fan. Oh you need help. You need anyways back. Your Friend Run Dallas contender. Why because it's simple? It's a simple equation yeah. They have a quarterback that will eliminate the mistakes in critical situation. They have a running game and they have defense so yes. They are a contender tender. You're wrong on that. Both of you guys are wrong so you said they weren't. You said they're not just what you said and I go to the Super Bowl. Contenders can questions or they the favorites. You've written the Al Qaeda all right. Here's the other thing you have the rams. The hawks the lines in the packers. No they're not the favorites. They're not the favorites but you've got some other teams in the NFC see that it really playing amazing football. The Seattle seahawks pay attention to this team team. This team is really strong. I think the Hawks are the favorites favorites in the NFC Dallas Braden real about what you're saying like. What is it really comes down to you? Say quarterback real thing shorthand in the NFL. You WanNa know the successful the franchises quarterback coach. That's the combination you're really looking at Seattle quarterback coach. You've top-five both spots. What's wrong with Jason Gary Jason Gary You mean? Njit the Jason Garrett who they draft Ezekiel Elliott top five running back. You can't do it. He actually outperforms expectations your fourth in one midfield and you punch. I like that Jason Garrett Mex is where you're wrong. It's not about Jason Garrett anymore. It's about killing more Garrett is not getting in the way of Kelly Moore running that office Jerry Jones replaced Jan Gilead in for reason and Jerry Jones Not GonNa let Jason Garrett paying it away and by the way Jason Garrett has had his opportunities he's come up short and and now he's focused on trying to keep his job so if the owner.

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