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Yeah and or that. Somebody screwed up the investigation. I was about to say exactly. Like i was diane. All these people that are just like not giving up information or like the you know that's like a common thing to just generally speaking with any kind of like crime things were like different Jurisdictions talking to each other you know about what they're finding but so what you're saying. Is you know her russo. The you know he kills this one lady. comes home And she puts her hands up to know not against a gun. Putting your hands. It doesn't really do much of anything. But so he pulls the trigger and shoots and the bullet deflects off of the keys that she has in her hand And then he goes running back into the house. She goes running because they were. They had new at the back door. She goes running around the house and she didn't look back so she assumed he was going to run out the back of the house. No he ran back through the house and they wind up running into each other at the front of the house again and he poses and you gotta give her credit for having the presence of mind and the balls because he points they got enter again and she's like look dude. He shot me once. You really need to shoot me again. And he just calmly walked away like didn't didn't so bizarre to like my god and that the entire thing is just really bizarre to me. I'm sorry yeah that happens like a lot they show actual crime scene photos You know disturbing. Oh yeah very crack So then so the same night like. Tell me if. I'm wrong but it was the same night right. It's it's about forty minutes later. With apple he runs in. And there's there's an odd coincidence still the crime scene where so. There's the woman who got who did not get Because reflected off a keys Turns out yeah. His her mom is old friends with joe like they grew up three houses apart in the old neighborhood right so it's already so he. Yeah it right exactly so Richard goes on to basically like tried to carjack silent lou. He yanked her from her car and shot her And they were able to tie that crime to the To dayle okazaki because it was the same caliber weapon because they said they are. They're very cautious through all of this. They're like okay. Look you know. it's forty minutes later. It's within walking running distance during that time. It's yes also a twenty two but like we're not making assumptions 'cause you know but but it probably that guy The one thing that i thought was really weird is he gets into I gets into the the class that he took And he's you know what he says that you know the one thing. I remember this one deep like this one. Dnc that they you have like that's their compulsion is to see that right and that gets back to you know she was so you know she was so nonchalant about are you really have to shoot again. He wasn't getting a rush from about being about to shoot her right so that probably through. Which probably your life. Yeah so but that gets him thinking about. Maybe that's why maria survived and yeah and so he's like he has this deviancy that he likes seeing the fear so he's gil starts thinking that it's one person that did both of these So march twenty seven ten days after the first three attacks Whittier los angeles. He breaks into a house He executes the sleeping male killed with a twenty two caliber the female he stabs above her vagina Rapes than cuts..

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