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The lineup We have nick solider. Who actually founded it with me. So we're both co founders of this group together He's a software engineer. He goes by arctic. And then we've got. Robert willis robert willis goes by Rejects so he does offensive security in red teaming for the military than we have jackson jackson unique member. He goes by a contrary and he is basically a fifteen year old hacker and a very talented one very very talented one. I love that kid to death like seriously he. He is a talented hacker. Yeah so so. He's he's great. He actually kind of started the whole united nations. Hack debacle that that we just saw pulled off We have alley diamond so She goes by jr. She's a software engineer. she's currently working on some other stuff right now But she's going to be hopping in taking a look at some of our projects real soon. And then we have the founder of anonymous right. I'll ricardo ak kerr tanner and it was it. I didn't expect them to join and it is very controversial. It's making a lot of people angry so talk about that. I mean obviously Cortana aubrey you. Know very Storied past not not all of it on the right side of the the double yellow line. I was actually working on some research. On parlor and researching their security vulnerabilities kind of just poke holes a little bit and just seeing what the platform was all all about because everyone was complaining about it and Then i really started to uncover a lot about two anonymous and a lot of these conspiracies. They were up to and it looked like the classic playbook brainwashing of society of you. And then when i started to do more research i saw. Fbi warnings on them right calling him a terrorist organization. I started see all this kind of stuff. And i was like. Oh my god this is. This is bad. I'm gonna. i'm gonna research this more. So now i started looking into them. A little bit started researching won't say But i but. I found some stuff. And i ended up messing aubrey. And just saying hey you know what if i found some stuff. Yep hurry active in kind of trying to stop them basically shutting curtains and yeah yeah yes so i saw that he was he was fighting cunanan. I was like he's literally fighting terrorist organization. And so many people probably have misconceptions about this. But i'm starting to see what he say. Because i'm not on the surface level at this point right like i'm i'm finding these q. Anonymous domains. I'm looking at them. Looking at their methodology and their brainwashing. They're uploading playbook insanity right to to try to target people go after people.

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