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Like, he's defending his position. And something about this team that I really like I don't like to their in dukes region. But. I like I don't like to play Thursday more than dukes region. But I I like him as well. I mean, I tell you what I tell you what cashes Winston like you look at them. You like is he even in shape like he's kinda thick. He's a below the rim going. I don't he has a bad body. Like, he's he's a guy who's gonna come back to school and twit the twentieth anniversary of the big ten championship. And that dude is he if he's not careful he's gonna be like two fifty right? And they'd be like does caches. Winston like. Yeah. That's cash. Winston like he was a bad boy. But he little guys he knows little guys. He uses shoulder and bump them to create space. And all they do is run around said ball screens for him. So he gets a big guy and doesn't need much time to get it off. And he shoots. These scoop shots like he's pretty remarkable player. Pretty remarkable player. Let's let's get Maryland. They take on Belmont. I think that game's going to be interesting because Bruno Fernando is gonna have to guard out in the primitive. But this is a year where there were strong rumors for longtime that turns would look at the Nebraska job because his his dad lives close that you know, they they had grown tired of hers, and he'd grown tired of them. He's got a super young team. And I know they didn't finish the way they wanted. But twenty two intend thirteen and seven in the big ten and a good seed in the NCAA tournament feels like this has been more than a job saver like a stabilizing year for him, and my crazy. No, I don't think. So at all. I think I mean one twenty two games made the tournament. They've got talent. Typically, they're pretty impressive. I I like them. I picked Belmont in this game more because I think kind of my fleet or team, but that doesn't change like, I think this debts. This definitely helps marketers you mentioned Bill months asleep or team. It's interesting. I did their game against. Maybe sleeper is not the way to put it. Because like I think everyone's kind of that trendy pick. But there's something about him that I just I like I've seen them a lot too. I was living in that Bill. What is it? You like I mean, I I know the things that I like about him. But you haven't seen them more. I mean, I like the fact that they have they have so many guys that can drill passing shoot right there. And and they have they've recruited a higher caliber of athlete higher caliber of feels like a kid than some of the some of the previous NCA tournament teams. And then you know, winners win. There has is I you know, he's pretty special as a college player. Yeah. I agree. And I think, but I think they're more than just him. 'cause you can even like the first four game. He kinda got lost authentically. Maybe not losses the word, but he wasn't aggressive. But he always out like he had fourteen rebounds in that game. The kid that's gotten a lot a lot better. It's Kevin McLean. Like from when he was a freshman to now. And I mean, he had twenty two twenty nine points against simple. They don't win that game without any shooting more consistently to get to the rim and the point guard. I think doesn't really good job setting guys up making plays can pass and same at the big. I I never say the name, right? So his nickname's. So I just call big moose, but he's pretty stilled in the Knicks offense. Cincy. I think. Asencio? Yeah, they're very efficient. I'm Kim stuff right now. Number two two point field goal percentage in the country and forty nine three point six. Yeah. I can palms..

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