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With the whole protests were about Then That's probably a good idea, And I think the city should get behind that. Organizers hope the block party can't rekindle the passion to fighting. It's racism, the hell the nation's attention last year. King County Man has been arrested facing charges connected to the riot at the U. S. Capitol Back in January. 51 year old Joseph Slab was arrested Thursday and every without incident, Lake Forest Park resident charged with one count of unauthorized entering or remaining in any restricted building or ground she faces up to a year and a half. Behind bars if he's convicted, Ah, la and stopping so called patent trolls, who try to shake down small businesses for money will get its first test in a lawsuit filed by the state attorney general. Attorney General Bob Ferguson, saying that landmark technology holds vaguely worded patents for things every just about every business website has like customer Loggins. They slowed them with these form letters claiming a patent that's obscure and basically threatening a lawsuit that they don't pay up and who can fight that It's gonna cost more legal fees is just to sell this case out of court. Try to move on with your life, and that's what makes this frankly as so outrageous. Ferguson says. Landmark doesn't go after the Amazons are Costco's of World. They do mass mailings a small businesses demanding $65,000 licensing fees, for example, hoping some will think it's cheaper to pay than mount a legal fight, so he's taking them to court. And hoping to force them to pay back those businesses and the ages office for its costs. As more activities open up to fully vaccinated people. There's increasing interest in more ways for people to prove they've been vaccinated other than the CDC card. Most, Keith Eldridge says. With more opportunity comes Mork concern about vaccination passport scams. We have people that are still losing cards. People are throwing their CDC cards away because they think they were appointment cards and then they have to call the health system and are asking for replacements..

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