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You he said let himself absorbed be glad that favor his rights is 'cause i let them say continually let the lord demag defied who takes pleasure and the prosperity of his servants so today lord were when we press for the things of righteousness will stand by the work of god and he said you take pleasure in the prosperity of your servants father we delight ourselves in the lord you said you'd give us the the desires of our heart lord view our sword in ours a son enough she knew will give grayson glory he said no good thing would you was holed from those awoke of rightly so far the worst you and i thank you today than all of our needs are met in christ heaves lord your word declares who argue who were wa you're hitler and i thank you lord of the one who takes on the heart case you're the one who knows how to handle situations when the doctors cannot even five what's wrong and lord i looser who power to day lord you said i will restore health entity in heal the of all wounds lord's and see our wounds you see our our infirmities uh thank you for your heating power lord your words says the this your faults once who another and pray one for another you may be the effects will forever clever righteous man of ehlass much lord i thank you today the prayers of the righteous avail it achieves in jesus name un father were unordered jesus of nasr with what the holy ghost in one hour and he went about doing good healing all that were sitting oppressed of the devil for god was with him layer hand right now in the chest i want you to craigslist prayer with me say in the name of jesus healed a day my hands or he'll my knees i l loser he a silver my joins my by unhealed in the name of jesus pain get out of my body today thank you from that for my head down to my the warriors england taxes flowing through may satan's you can't stay in my body jesus is healing and made me well from this moment on unloading into feel better of stronger i'm younger a more hand and more beautiful in jesus name ward hell who may lose weight your health for me to achieve which you've called me to do.

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