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Can Jordan Palmer is going to join me. A 40 passed. Then the top the third hour we go to Vanderbilt head football coach Clark Lee. Any time you can call the program. Phone lines are open. 1 806 368686 again. I might not cover what you want to talk about. So you can go ahead and Affect the conversation set the agenda. You know, oftentimes, like not often times, But every single day I come in here with an idea where I want to go with it What I want to talk about, But I will follow the show, too. So if you bring something to it, and you want, take it and give a direction that I was not going to do or go in. Do that file means Effect ahead. Affect the head. How the man you quick, dude. 18006368686. All right. So remember when I said on Friday there was no way a Super Bowl blowout was gonna jump the weekend and make news for the eighth straight day. Itwas and use a phrase you want. It was a hospital job. It was a curb stomping. It was a beat down. There's no reason why we would still be talking about this a year or I should say a week later. And I pretty much promised it. I said I have no idea why we're still doing this. But believe me, we're not doing this eight straight days. You have my word. Well, I lied. I did. I lied. Take a big dump in your parents, Alvey. I did lie so in the spirit of that Hallmark holiday that came and went yesterday. Think of something or somebody you love more than anything in the world. Right thing about that. And then hold on to that If I were to say to you give me the one thing or the one person you love more than anything in the world. What would that be? You have that person or that thing in your head? Hold it there. Now understand this, Whatever that person or that thing is, you don't love that person. Or that thing half assed, much as the rain gross. Loves the Lombardi Trophy. Leave me. Leave me and believe that And I will get further into that a minute now did I also not say that for the right call, I'll bust open the format. For the right call. I'll stop doing what I'm doing. And I will and I can back it up. Because generally this guy is making the right call. So save that thought on why that woman loves the Lombardi Trophy more than you love anybody or anything at all. So I get this in. It's gonna southeastern Wisconsin. Chris, what's going on? Chris? How are you? I'm good. Hey, Jim. I'm really glad you kicked off the show with some octagon beef between Luis minimized the doll. I think we have something we could get scheduled and settled much quicker. Once appeared to be a well oiled machine and cohesive unit. Now seems to be infiltrated by fame. Tell ISI and Eagle. From my vantage point. The broads behind the glass all seem to be pretty solid guys. That sometimes it's human nature that sudden, unexpected success. Caused jealousy and infighting. And in this case, the bigger the head. Bigger the eagle. All the Exxon 40 I dudes currently have a side hustle. The exception of rich I believe whatever Social Security Benny's cut If you work more than Thursday's for Alvin, I know you don't pay him for the other four days, considering he sits in the bleacher seats. Place the air drums coming in and out of break. I'm assuming those days are volunteer hours. Although Hawk is a great dude, I'm sure is occasional over the top hipster guy. Look, Mister Rogers cardigans, fad diets, etcetera. What annoys colleagues at times It appears James Kelly is feeling himself just a little too much. Flight or goes on a heater for a few months. Parlay that into his own segment every week and suddenly cops this enormous eagle and treat talk like total horse, please. James has not called Hawk out numerous times. He doesn't like him and want to give him the hands. So let's do this. Get them in the jungle Act again. My coin is on Hawk all day. He's a lock. I would bet my crib and luxury sled on the pitch. His opponent that when greeny armed gambler that works one day a week has zero chance. Imagine Hawk stepping into the ring, co sponsored by Sports Apparel Kingpin Nation Golf Company and probably some start up wizard Cabbage delivery service. In the other corner is the deck with south Point Sports books scribbled in enormous letters on his forehead. Once the bell rings and they touch gloves. It wouldn't be long before Adam would take James straight to the mat and work his ground and pound game, knocking the living snot out of flight deck. Herb Dean would be forced to step in and stop the bout. Lastly, Kron's mark my words. Own the decks. Heater will end as fast as it started. Jump off the train now and start going apple. Everybody knows the house always wins. It's not a matter of if just a matter of when and when that happens. Big head. That segment will be jettisoned faster than belief through a goose. Or the undercounted being Matt in L A is a heavy favorite. I got him at minus 2 80 money line. The future. Callie Governor, Silk and sin. It's a dynasty clone..

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