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Was hanging from a tower when it happened. Like he was hanging from a tower. He's upset that the Beast might get the object that he has after which is Belle. Yeah, but he's willing to remove a hand from the tower the whole pulling him up and keeping him from falling. He's willing to release a hand to stab the Beast just yeah, like I think he died. Yeah like yeah, it's just she said Okay, there's three big boobs. Ladies downtown who would love I'm sure they wouldn't even be picky. They probably all go out with you at once. They seem like them kind of girls. So many I mean more your style. Anyway, why did he want Belle Belle was so not his style and that reminds me to of like I keep thinking of the incel movement. But like they want money. They want the women who are not even their style like they have nothing in common. There's nothing about these women that would make a good connection for them. It's like a trophy, you know, just like there was a whole song about her being odd because she liked to stay home and she like to read books like The only person in town who understood her was to do she got her books from which is unrealistic that sets up a really unrealistic expectation for girls girls. Listen to me. Definitely be Bill be the weird girl be the weird girl who likes to hang out in the library, but do not expect the prettiest man in town to come after you cuz that's not how it works. I trust me. I promise you that is not how it works. I from experience. Let me tell you I take it from the weird. Yeah. Yeah that is not a realistic expectation. No, we're not talking to girls or about girls today, but I just want to make that very clear. I definitely would advise you be coming Bell but just do not expect Gaston to come after you that's I guess comforting in real life. You don't want Gaston like them. Yeah, I mean no. Yeah, he's he's such a fool. He makes me laugh like if he weren't so hateful he dead. Almost be cute. If you were just like a big dumb idiot, he would do you know because I don't know I'm kind of into that though. I like when people are I like simple people, you know, I do I like dead guys on T. If he was shot it would be just fine. But Shawnee is not I don't think Sean he's going out and killing geese out of the sky either. No, Nope, that would be fun of me trying to like domesticate them and bring them home and you know, Yeah, yeah, he I wish Gaston was just a big dumb idiot and every deadline, but now he just had to be self-entitled. Ass clown shoes, he's clammed. It's true like it even after you know Bell was like, you know, the the you know, the Beast is he is real but he's not he's not like that anymore. He's not angry. He's not violent like but they were like, oh we gotta go get him anyway, cuz yeah, he's paying attention to you. Like he's not going to hurt the entire town jump on this whole band wagon to like why is the entire town? So transfixed by Gaston is there's no one else who can see that. He's just a ridiculous clown. if it is very how do you say it? It's very much like today. Yeah, this world we live in right now the big dumb idiot clown who acts a particular way.

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