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Listen to any of our shows and just click on today's show with Bruce, Langford it'll take you to the show notes and the great thing about the show notes is we're going to have links to everything we've discussed including all the ways that you can get in touch with Bruce. And now, bruce it's time for the forty eight hour challenge. If you've got forty eight hours to identify and close a high paying client, what are the steps that you would take bruce? Well the first step is just to be present and as a mindfulness God I tell you that is such an important step you need to truly listen and be open to people in your space whoever they might be, and you might be surprised who appears if you're truly open to those people who are around you, it's it's surprising how often one of them ends up being your coaching client. So number two, you have to offer what you can do for them, and to do that, you have to be specific understand what? They need, and you'll understand what they need. If you've been present and you really are are tuned into that person, you want to give them a genuine taste of who you are a genuine amount of true value. So they can tell what you will be like as a coach and they will feel like, wow i. just got abundant value from this guy and I I just can't wait to move on and that's the third thing. Is You you deliver your very best to make sure you can give them the value so so you? You offer it to them and then you deliver it. You make sure that they receive the value in their identifying that that they're receiving true value from you and the fourth thing is that you have to be open for business. You have to make that space and let them let them ask you how they can get more how they can work with you and what I've. Found in my experience, not about pushing them not about closing them. It's about being yourself up offering what you can do until they say to you. Hey, bruce you know I'd really love to work with you. How do we make this happen and the fifth one is you have to be ready with the strategy. You have to have a structure there you you might say Jeez. I have a six month plan. That's how I operate and here's the price. Here's a structure. Here's what I offer. So so that's what you're going to. You're going to offer a specific strategy, use a specific structure to help them out, and that's that's was are the five steps that I would offer to a yeah I, think those are great. You might one review those you. Can Go to conscious millionaire show DOT com. You Bruce every one of us who's coach or mentor consultant. Eventually, we realize that it's only by tackling the big problems that we ever make headway that we get to our next level and from that perspective, what's the big problem or challenge right now you've decided to tackle in your business so that you can actually expand and grow. Right now I'm increasing the amount of outsourcing that I'm doing and I've always had help I've always realized that I need some you know people I need a team but I'm pumping it up I'm increasing the amount of outsourcing and you know that's a mindfulness piece as well because it's about letting go you know I've always been a person that likes to. Be In control of certain aspects of my business and and it's just not easy to have that trust and let go but I just made up my mind I'm going to outsource a lot more of what I do and then I'll end up doing what's really resonating with me what I'm really really good at and let other people do the rest of it So we're going to go back in time Bruce, who was a top mentor of Yours and what we eternally grateful that they taught you. Well I, I met this amazing coach at an event I went to and she ended up being my coach for two years and she was absolutely fantastic. Her name is Andrea Solider and she what she did. She truly helped me believe that I was a natural born coach because I think before that point I mean I was doing it but I just didn't that total confidence and that's what she did. She gave me that coaching confidence and she helped me generate a level of income that was way way way above what I had been APP previous. So it was a huge huge help. So. What's the legacy you WANNA leave Bruce? I WANNA. Leave a legacy that I've impacted ten million people to be peaceful respectful leaders. And I I do a lot of speaking and have done many many talks, presentations and trainings, and and my podcast reaches out to a lot of people and and that's my legacy that people can be peaceful respectful leaders and make a difference in this world. Is Her cause or nonprofit. You'd like to give a shout out to Bruce. I Love Save the Children Save the Children Dot Org date. Get right in there to disaster areas any any place that there's been any kind of natural disaster or? They get in there and they helped the children's specifically and that's something on very passionate about. I want to thank you again for listening to conscious millionaire. You are the entire reason that I do. This show is to bring you incredible guests like Bruce Langford and discussions on how you as a coach as a mentor as a consultant can rapidly grow your business so that you impact more people put more money in the bank and enjoy the life and lifestyle you want I always love. Hearing from you at conscious millionaire's show dot com top of the page you can always send me an email or a voice mail..

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