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Jen received the rotary club of gwinnett ethics award to commemorate the twenty fifth anniversary of the nineteen ninety six summer olympics in atlanta. Dick yarbrough book has been released. Twitter temporarily suspended representative marjorie taylor green for posting vaccine misinformation and finally more than one hundred ten thousand nineteen vaccine doses have been destroyed in georgia since december plus. We'll talk to the local mom. Who in honor of her son that passed away has started a foundation to help children with special needs in and around gwinnett fix when do pass and He had a very very rare syndrome. So the special needs community is reeling. Obviously nutrient dear to us and we really wanted to find a way to channel our grief to do good for others and to honor hemisphere porn. Doing nothing gets pricey. How's that leading stuff. Slide makes things worse. Double for your ac. And putting off your injures mega tuna. It's like this other cools at peak efficiency or inefficiently. You money never thought he. Doing nothing gets expensive. Are as agers saves you money you call we come. It's cool again. Part clean. Screen trained entrusted techs. Go mega megadeal. We refresh it to factory fresh specs like the day. It was new. We call it mega kind of old. We get maximum years older system on the other hand. If you're old system costs more to run than a high efficiency replacement one makes more sense practically pays for itself. I get it goes up. Energy bills go down. You're getting dates paying more. Because our sa andrews makes it easy putting it off mega tuneup sufficient ac. Install either way. Sandra's makes you smile. He's been he's dari. There are s andrus dot com. Any idea how fast you were going does house going about sixty five tops. Georgia office of highway safety is reminding local drivers to watch their speed as operation. Southern shield returns this week the speeding crackdown as an annual summer initiative involving georgia law enforcement agencies including the georgia state patrol as well as agencies in neighboring states. Last year law enforcement in tennessee alabama south carolina and florida all participated northside side duluth surgical group recently announced that doctors. Michael a hall and craig mccreadie joined. It's practice at the start of this month. Doctor hall is a board certified physician in general surgery specializing in oncological surgery with an emphasis on minimally invasive procedures with more than four years of experience. His training also encompasses laproscopy hernia repair and robotic cola. Suspect to me. Dr mccreary is a board certified physician in general surgery and he specializes in critical care medicine and trauma surgery in other northside news northside gwinnett surgical associates welcomes dr vincuk. Carla doctor of kataoka carla joined northside gwinnett surgical associates on july first. She is a board certified physician in general surgery and has been fellowship trained in minimally invasive bariatric and robotic surgery. Dr schwartz is now seeing patients at a new northside thoracic surgery satellite office in brazil. Ten he continues to also see patients at northside. Thoracic surgeries lawrenceville office. Dr schwartz is board certified in thoracic surgery with extensive training in minimally invasive techniques including robotic surgery and video assisted thoracic surgery. The doctor doctor. Doctor dr dr dr dr dr dr dr dr dr dr dr dr dr dr dr. Well we miss anyone become georgia's chief campus officer brian. Jin junior was recently named the recipient of the robert s stubs the second guardian of ethics award by the rotary club of gwinnett for the twenty twenty twenty twenty one year. The award identifies rotarians. Who exemplifies the attributes as well as a passion for ethics in his or her vocation business and personal life prior to joining p com georgia. Brian served at the medical college of georgia at augusta university as the vice president for external affairs and governmental relations the vice president of advancement and the chief of staff to the president. He recently served kennesaw state university and georgia southern university in external.

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