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That would star only kunendro as fee buffet according to an insider phoebe would privately be divorced in living back in new york city a camera at the end of fringe she married paul rudd uh that's right yes she did cameos from jennifer aniston courtney cox matthew perry david schwimmer matt leblanc would be the likely would you be willing to check out a fringe spinoff like that or are they making a mistake i'll i think i would i think everything's madness dowager sell friends was like the show for all of my generation everybody in the who is now in their 30s watch friends when they were in high school so they'll be a great nostalgia play but it would have to be they'd have to get the whole kasbek and know what is it why are they trying to ruin france france's all you watch friends on netflix and it's on pbs every what do we want to see phoebe twenty years later i mean what the the the city like they keep how about our what does now and terrible idea fouth chad gin hey bill russell last night yeah those great agades so he gets up on the stage getting a lifetime achievement award they get matombo up there and shag and david robinson and eighty something year old bill russell turns all of them say i would kick your ass all your as john my question to you is he was serious oh yeah those guys are all cranks those really is this a line in the know iin an in basrhin bill russell's performances a player he might know bill russell he uk at at one point i was he was the player coach of the celtics name beat the lakers in and came seven yep things this was in nineteen sixty nine at the forum had twenty five rebounds a game seven his record in game sevens was like some mike thirteen in oh i mean he he was the ultimate sports winner he might be able to kick all their asses how things eighty something years old like when i saw him the files even the wheelchair yeah he didn't look good last night somebody had a hand mccain yeah we should near the end of his his his his eighty seven years old but like party we said they just wrote that for him and he delivered the line very well and the other part of me says.

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