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Thinking about that and now that we've had individuals speak up i feel that step one i fill the next up is that institutions have to admit that there's problems one of the things that has changed is we have data on research now that show there's gender inequity and that's show there's harassment so now it's time for the medical institutions to admit there's a problem and to participate in making positive change you told your story but i gather you didn't name names i didn't name names and i have been thinking about that overnight actually i watched a very excellent video that h has put out they had a movie producer and writer come in to speak and her point resonated with us that reporting sexual harassment is a public service so overnight i did think about this and i am prepared to report this now on the confidential line that hss set up my concern of not remembering the details which i think women have experienced with trials that have happened you know my memory isn't that great from twenty five years ago but i i know i know what happened was wrong and i do not want this to happen to anyone else and it's now my responsibility to report that if i can't report it i can't expect people who are coming after me to report it so i feel i need to act dr g g o slur is the president elect of the canadian medical association in earlier this month she spoke at the canadian women in medicine wellness conference in ottawa she made a commitment to address bullying intimidation and sexual harass moment in medicine how important is it at this time in history that someone like geo slower is is about to become the president of of the doctors organization the canadian medical sociation and is making this such a high priority extremely important she signed excellent work already as the presidentelect myself and seven leaders across canada have submitted a grant to look at this issue so may has a grant to kirk create communities of interest we would like to create an online network for women and men in medicine to talk about this issue our objective is to create an inclusive inequitable medical community we hope that we can attain this santa five your time span and we will be following this with interest and and we're very glad that you finally came on the air to speak to us on white coat black art thank you so much for the opportunity at that recent meeting were dr kim kelly told her story of sexual harassment berta medical association.

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