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And I was like, oh my gosh, I'm like this is so stressful. Like this is terrible and I had driven dunes like for an hour and a half. And I was like, I was not like not basically, let's say not confident in the dunes. So we I get to drive off a cliff pretty you could, you know, who wants to Endo into, you know, which is I like that sounds horrible. So we get to do monsoon. It's like a cat litter box from fucking Hal. It's horrible. So we so we get there. And of course like within like a minute, I get stuck and her first, the first thing out of her mouth is, oh, you got stuck. And I'm like, oh, that's such a shitty team thing to say. Like you don't say that to someone I'd never said, you've got us loss. Like so that was the beginning. That was the beginning of something of, of a really terrible evening. The son was super low, like then all of a sudden, the dunes just flatten like you can't see anything and dunes are d- scare. You don't know what's over them. You don't. And if I hadn't aired down properly, like I was just so flustered from this whole day of like trying to play catch up. And so finally, we found ourselves in this kind of bowl of, like surrounded by mountains, and I'm like, we're not in the right place. It is now getting dark. We do not have light like a light bar like, we are, we are bone stock. Like I am not driving. She's like, haven't you ever driven on a country road and the dark? And I'm like, oh, your bitch, like this is so thing like you're crazy. And so we just there was yelling and screaming and I'm not a yeller like I was just like, oh my God. I can't believe this. And now we're stuck here in the dark, and she went wandered wandered off. And like her headlamp was just like all I saw was out, and I was like, okay I've got to used. The Satphone I've got like call and just let them know that we're not dead. So I called and like they came out and everybody I mean, we'd been crying for like a half an hour because there was so much yelling and like ruined the whole thing for her and I was like, oh my God, I feel terrible and I'm a horrible person. And, and she was like, I've, you just let me drive like I could get us out of this. And, and so finally, there's the head judge Chrissy Beavis, who's like X games stuff co-driver for strana done. I mean, this woman is just so like hardcore awesome. She basically asked the question. She's like, okay, which way north and she is my navigators. It was like, oh, it's that way. And Chris, he's like, no, it's not honest. It was the best thing 'cause level the playing field for me. And I was like see you don't know what you're doing. And it's okay like this should have hard and no one expects you to be perfect. And so they gave us two options. They said, well, we can pull you out of here, but you're done. Competition. You're done three of seven or you can spend the night out here by yourselves because everybody else was at levels at camp and then just start in the morning and try again in the morning and I was like the last thing I want to do is spend the night out here, although myself in the fucking dark in sand dunes with this lady, like, oh my God. Okay. So we did it. We actually buried the hatchet, and we kind of made up and, and everything, everything ended up being okay. But man like we ended up sleeping. I slept in the back seat of a Jeep, like I felt like I had passed out frat frat guy like, oh it was awful. This is. I be saying slept in the. Beck's. Naci. By looking at you. And I said, you weren't you absolutely were accurate. But. Yeah. I'm not proud of it. But yeah, I was so I will say this is a very unladylike thing to say, but you know what? I don't care that, so that morning we got up, and we were like, okay, let's ready to start this day, I had to take the biggest dump of like the whole treadle. And so I dug a hole hole in that sand Dumont dunes. And I took a very satisfying poop for you. I just covered it up. And I'm like, I hope somebody just drives right through them. So proud of both. Your.

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