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So i would just wondered where'd you thought philosophically about that is it to some people are too scared even think about it is it's scary what would you do with your time and your intelligence and your abilities if a computer takes the job that you have now are we can't that is going to affect us here because unless some computer can think like we do in a program to talk you think that's possible you never know i mean we always say things are possible and then all of a sudden they're expectations are shattered and it's hard to know i think we'll we would do but i do think the perfect example you brought lap is fast food because with the minimum wage the a lot of people want it hiked the minimum wage had to like fifteen bucks an hour in these companies are not going to pay that for that kind of work because people aren't gonna want to pay more for their food which would go handinhand with higher worker wages so you've already seen it like mcdonald's is rolling out i like ab and i had basically where you do your own order it's only a matter of time before they keep replacing workers that are going to be more costly with with robots it so strange to think about and i do think it's a little bit scary i mean can you imagine going around the drive through when delon handing said matani year chicken mcnuggets again getting robotic arm some thing is doing it i it is kinda wanna figure out what the human in the loop factories going to be and if people are actually think we have them all planning to use robot but what happens to the people that are displaced what happens to society what happens do any the things that when you think.

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