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Right around three seventy fifth through the five curve down on toward supportive to come around and south and one six seven really struggling for twenty fourth interview all of next come with traffic at five fourteen Shannon o'donnell with the forecast well I saw some pictures from crystal mountain this weekend and they looks pretty sad we had the the snow up there that had been getting made by the machines much of the season because we haven't had any luck getting a lot up there the regular way but that luck is about to turn my family getting our storm track back in our direction as we head into the week today still quiet but tomorrow the return of the login rain and a little bit of mountain snow Tuesday's disturbances week but the one behind it much bigger it will be wet it will be windy in the lowland set up over the cascades plenty of mountain snow one deck and that's just the second a series of storms doing all the way into the weekend in the coming weather center I'm meteorologist you know Donald and we've got overcast skies and forty five degrees in Seattle at five oh five one together the kids who are the young at heart around the radio now is actor in puppeteer Carroll Spinney best known for his five decades is Big Bird and other creatures on Sesame Street well we lost him at the age of eighty five but como's Ryan Harris has a look back after having a chance to interview Spinney back in twenty sixteen the most remarkable the character of Big Bird started out as a bit of a country bumpkin but was quickly re develop to that of a six year old child one who could learn things like the alphabet right along with the kids watching Sesame Street a role he landed because Jim Henson saw him performing in a public show spin he told me he developed that love for puppetry at a very young age five years old and I saw so you were done by high school there was a free that'll get and they began to cry about that was the greatest thing about a year later my mother for a woman other the there's a moment two years later five one I cannot forty please thirty two so I thought it was big money one I hello better than the average shoe salesman indeed Big Bird has appeared on many other TV shows from Hollywood squares to Saturday Night Live and even the west wing starring in his own feature film nineteen eighty five's follow that bird and joining Kermit the frog as one of just two Muppets with stars on the Hollywood walk of fame and why we all associates beanie with Big Bird he was also responsible for another beloved Sesame Street characters anything Big Bird not only helped millions of kids to learn but from a child's perspective he helped us all to understand things like bullying special needs children and death which Sesame Street decided to face head on with the nineteen eighty two passing of will lead who played shopkeeper.

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