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Good. I'm not good at painting. I've realized that I know my limitations as a person when it comes to painting When you finally get everything prepared to tape everything down the ladder got to cover up the the drop. Plus and you spill the Is it worth it? No To me. It's not Stetson painting. They can paint inside your home. They could paint the exterior of your home. They've been family owned and operated since 1994 27 years. Jerry Stetson. I talked to him. He's like, Look, we were getting really big for a while. But I didn't like that. I couldn't control the quality. So he's I cut down on the amount of jobs we take because I want to make sure that quality is number one, he said. I personally inspect every job that we do. They make the whole painting process. No stress. They moved the big furniture. They cover everything up. They do the taping, They removed the blunt. They take care of everything you don't have to their professionals. They can repair drywall that's needed for the interior painting. They could do, stuck or repair on the outside of their going to paint the outside of your home, get a free estimate with Stetson painting. Call 32206843220684 steps and painting dot com. A judge may issue a ruling as early as today. In a case challenging the state's prohibition on school and local government mask mandates, a coalition of educators and child advocacy groups sued, claiming the ban was illegally included in the state budget. The law is set to take effect September 29th Maricopa County supervisors have struck an agreement with the state Senate that will keep them from having to turn over county routers to election auditors. Instead, former Congressman John Shattuck will work with independent tech experts to examine the routers and answered the Senate's audit related questions. I'm Don Nici Kunst am 7 90 Tucson's most stimulating talk. If you've got an insurance question, you could talk to a park Ranger. But the only quotes they'd probably give you would be about the beauty of a fallen leaf or ripples in a pond. Not the kind that could save you money on your policies. Or.

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