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It's terrible what you need to know. Brought to morongo played safe. Good time somewhere. Greg is laughing nemo no confidence for a second right. Right which aaron. Hey how's i who. Also he's the people what we need to know. We need to know if he's done an an hour ago. Let me what. I take my ails. Hank means hank aaron. You know you can't just do it last. I first name last airing so talking about dollars. One one guy that we've talked about a lie. Here's adam sandler. And i saw a video of him. Balling it out in long island so i was like you know what do your thing man i did not know he had he had it in him. So that's what you need to know. Embezzle he's played with right with. Who with adam sandler i have. But i'm sitting here huh. Aaron hank still still on that dog. Airing july actually googling because i'm just curious if they're actually think yeah i also didn't know that was a good ball player. I wasn't aware of that. Until so. Aaron hank into google and the first that comes up his hand guarantees. Baseball's that's on baseball reference. Trying to push pants that it's so difficult because i'm like going. There's got gotta be others are when he needs to know laura kill that is broad. Morongo played safe. Good times all right so plenty of people out there. Want to chime in on this clippers stuff where they duck in the lakers. Louis pasadena's i hell no. They don't need to duck no team. This injured your clipper fan. I love this time of year. Laura knows this. Because i love. I love stirring the pot. But the clipper fan man. They get so they get ready. They chest puffed out there southeast color a ready and look look. Eventually that clipper curse will be broken okay. Eventually i'll say this year. I'm not saying next year on those things in ten years but eventually they're going to get past the second round and perhaps even maybe sort of potentially win a championship like is it will happen at some point. Okay man. there's no guarantees. Well look think about all the worst franchises in other sports right the arizona cardinals were a disaster right. The bidwell family. They got super bowl. They got within one crazy. San antonio homes catch from ben rothlisberger for winning the super bowl owners quarterback. Okay so like what i'm saying is we've seen the san diego padres not necessarily a bastion of stability zoos. Swept but they got to a world series against the yankees. So like what. I'm saying is it can happen so eventually it might happen through like i don't know maybe my eighth or ninth page the internet. We're not let me look up. An erin hank. Loney is hank. Aaron surprising that there's not somebody actually out there named aaron hank we should put it on facebook like there must be an errand hank somewhere. Yes hey call. Yeah well louis in lakewood essay. He's the legit louis louis. Why are you the legit louis. 'cause i'm a laker fan and louis knockoff. that franchise don't give them hope that that's that's mean they're cursed and they're gonna stay curse into they move out Libro they moving. Though they bought they bought your old house. You know what i'm saying. I mean it's it's it's i walk by the old house. They did just that even like me making that up your old house. No no no. They did. But as i told. I think our caller last week who asked. Why were the clippers. Always in my mind. I said because they're the house guests that won't leave. So i kind of kaelin. America's houseguests cater america's house. It's i'm sorry. Oh no to joe. Let me go to joe and compton. Real quick joe what up joseph joe. He ended up i. Let's go to quinton. Quint acquitting wants to talk about all sobel meeting. You care about black. Don't crack with a madras shod. what's up quinton me. Jared around credit cards. And i'll see a lotta correct black. This black was irresistible or indestructible. A and i'm doing my best. I make shave butter like l z are no use it. I may different. Say buddy. And i'm doing my damndest to people say but but they just don't listen but anyway i wanna ask you guys a question about pool host Is it possible that the dodgers seen him dow so they don't have to pay to happen million and brain somebody up later on the season. I didn't even think of that part of it. I don't think they can send him down right. I think he's i think he can be designated for assignment. I don't think so. I think they'd have to get rid of them. But listen here's the thing about. This is the this is the. Here's why it works for pools. Okay because everybody kind of has a. Why would they do that mentality. Here's why it works. It's kind of like andre drummond. In this way he was a free agent. He was available. He was essentially free. They'd have to trade form and take a salary. He was free albert pulls is at four hundred thousand dollars freely right. Yeah in baseball terms. That's absolutely yeah. You know every hundred at bats. He's worth five home runs. Show if you need a power hitter in a power pinch hit situation. I mean he's still got that you know are the only bringing him in and said a complaint against saint louis only elsie so they can claim against saint louis against the car that i mean. It's kind of a troll job. I mean he did. You know he did some some good things in saint louis against the dodgers. There's that too back. Jr jr santa. it's up. i'm good man. What's going on big fan of yours cap right on. See now. You're getting smart. He was born in la. And i used to be a laker fan. Yeah this is hard you know. 'cause it's hard because i love lebron but i'm a clipper fan and so i i i to kobe thing goes way back then old guy. That's what happened. Yeah yeah kinda destroyed. My and plus your owner now doesn't recognize jerry j wet as one of her top laker five acres. So that's their based lever man off the list for jerry west her man anymore though you know what i mean. He's not her mad anymore and And she left her father off the list. Cut her a break jerry web okay so anyway Parker let's let's. Let's just say that. The clippers did this on purpose. And if i'm going into a fight and you know the playoffs that's the real fight. You want me to go against a full force. Strong laker team with the top two of the five players in all of the league right now. Are you crazy. No don't hate the players. Hate the game hate the rules. I don't wanna face the lakers. If i don't have to. Because they are very good when they are very healthy jeff but would you want them in the first round though because they're not now. Oh no no get them beat up. Let's see if they're really strong. And if they are healthy get beat up in this. This first series second series. Why would i wanna put face them full on as soon present their they're coming up rests. They're all coming off brest. I wouldn't wanna face a d. or lebron. Strong the clippers. If the clippers face the lakers and they don't have lebron or a d either or you know that if the clippers were to win they nobody would ever buy though reno it would be like. Oh it's a asterix on it for sure there's no doubt kevin in l. a. What up kevin. It's funny he. The previous caller was just gonna make my point. The saudi is. These people are trying to avoid lakers and by sometimes so these people can our star can get hurt along the way so by the time he gets them.

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