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Academy Award. Nominations were just announced. This week and a record breaking number of women are up for Oscars this year accounting for no less than a third of all nominees. It's one of those. dominoes is incredibly talented writer actor producer and director Greta Gerwig who will be returning to the Oscars for the second year in a row following following her writing and directing nominations for last year's Lady Bird. This time around. She's being hailed for her masterful. reimagined action of Louisa May alcott's beloved novel Novel Little Women which has received six Oscar nominations including for best picture and best adapted screenplay for Greta Gerwig and today. Greta joins me on the show to talk about the daunting task of adapting an American classic. Delving into Louisa May alcott's diaries and letters to imbue her film with even more of the author's own personality personality and why it was so important for her to acknowledge the original ending. Alcott wanted to give her book before. Her publisher talked her out of it then. She talks about the status of female directors and writers in Hollywood recalls a conversation. She wants hat with a studio executive about how women talk that made. Its way into her latest I film and how Meryl Streep inspired some of her most insightful dialogue about a woman's role in Nineteenth Century Society Greta also reveals that she was secretly grittily pregnant while filming little women and what it's like for her and her husband Noah Baumbach to both have competing movies vying for best picture this year. Plus last we talk about whether actresses in the thirties and forties got better roles than actresses today and our mutual love of the films of George Cukor. Greta Garbo and the wicked wit. Dorothy Parker coming up with Greta. Gerwig in just a moment.

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