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Us through and tell us about your new projects. Hello guys thank you so much for having me Yeah i'm you know. This is really exciting. Because most of the times that we've talked in done stuff together has been about more murray. But this is a complete one eighty. I'm now working on wrongful convictions. You know this project conceived it by we. I mean patrick. Hynes of true crime obsessed about a year ago and we just launched in september. And each week i cover a case of a person that I strongly believe has been wrongfully incarcerated. Am i heard you talking on your podcast about the innocence project. And there's a the rough estimation or the the lowest nation is twenty thousand. Individuals are in prison. That are innocent. Yeah and i would say. That's definitely super low. I mean that's just people that we know of that have petitioned the innocence project. I mean there are so many people that i've even heard from who right to me saying. Hey i'm innocent. But the innocence project won't take my case they only take. Dna cases so they're not gonna take a case that doesn't have some sort of dna evidence so that leaves out so many cases hundreds of thousands of cases. And you know if you listen to my podcast. Most of my cases have not been taken by the innocence project. They're either ballistic cases or accidental baby murders involving choking are falling so these are all cases that are very likely not even in those statistics and a good portion of these wrongfully convicted. Inmates have been convicted based off of false confessions. And we now know from dna evidence that even in dna cases where dna will exonerate the person who has been convicted of the murder twenty five percent of the time with a false confession. The dna proves that it was in fact false that we have put the wrong person in prison and those numbers alone. If you carry that out. Further two cases with no dna you would think roughly twenty five percents going to apply to those cases as well so yes. I think i think the twenty thousand estimate is very conservative. very low and it's amazing how unfortunately yes. These organizations have to prioritize these cases which ones they take on which ones they choose because there are so many of them out there. That's the saddest part. Is you know there. Are these ones that early on in this. I got a couple of letters from a man who had a very sympathetic story. But even for me. It's tough to cover it. Because i'm like. Have you had a private investigator. Have you had any of these things. And he's like his accused him of sexually assaulting her in some form. I don't i didn't really get into too many details with him but there was. There was really no way of proving his innocence. In that sense. And you know there's so many of these out there so it's been tough. It's definitely been tough hearing these stories and so many of them. I can't even cover. Just just because i wouldn't have enough evidence to feel comfortable saying this is a wrongful conviction because you don't want to possibly give a criminal platform now when we started talking about your podcast in general i mean this was probably three years ago at crime con. But you're stating i believe on your show that that charles case was the first case that you actually or the first person you actually made contact with before you started producing your show. Yeah so i reached out to a lot of people. So you know in the intro of show. It says twenty folks which is true. I did reach out to. At least twenty folks sent a snail mail and he knew he wrote back immediately. I mean charles is a incredibly intelligent on the ball person and he just wants people to know about what happened to him which is just so there are no words to even explain what has happened to him and why he still in and so he was. You know one of the first people. First person that i really got to know into this day i would say you know charles is a friend. I've put his episode out. But i hear ahead. You know so advocating for him you know still getting people to listen to his story to listen to his side of the story because to him. That's really the most important. He's been portrayed in the media for so long as this crazy person. Who wrongfully and knowingly put ryan ferguson in prison which is not the story at all so for me it was really important to talk to charles and hear what he has to say will in this story. It involves the unjust convictions of two individuals and therefore leads us to the unsolved murder. And can you take us through the attack and murder of columbia daily tribune. Sports editor can hire holt. So this is the perfect time of year. It is held story because it was halloween night. Two thousand one can height holt For the columbia tribune. this is in columbia missouri. He's leaving work super super late. It's around to ten. Am that. He says goodbye to his colleague in your car and he is later found sometime. You know ten minutes later around two twenty. Am brutally beaten and strangled in the tribune parking lot again. This can't hide hold. He was forty eight years old. He's a family. Man brutally beaten and strangled in the parking lot. He was leaving work but he also like stopped to feed a cat. So that's what. I was reading some of these old papers. He stopped to feed a cat. And that's in so michael boyd. And we'll get to him as you guys know a little bit. He is a colleague. I believe he was also a sports. I think i think ken was his boss. He's the last person to see him alive in the parking lot and they were talking about you know feeding these cats and then according to boy he leaves and in almost immediately after that height hold is beaten strangled bludgeoned and left for dead and two of the workers to other people working at this building. They see or believe. They saw something the parking lot. They call this into nine one one to say that kent has been attacked in the parking lot. We need paramedics. We need police. Just two janitors. Shayna aren't and jerry trump. They are two janitors and so according to shayna she has multiple david's she comes out and sees two young white folks who allegedly say someone is hurt and then they leave and she sees can't hide hold her her colleague and she calls the police. There's nine one one call that you can listen to. Its her and jerry trump calling. The police saying can is lying in the parking lot. He's not moving. We need help. The case doesn't really go anywhere right. We have two potential witnesses. We have some physical evidence at the scene. But this man was beat to death in the parking lot and choked and the case doesn't really seem to go anywhere. This takes us to the two year anniversary. Marker and the columbia daily tribune. They start running the story again. One of their own has been murdered on their property. And they're trying to get some answers for can hide whole. Who used to work for the tribune. As far as the evidence they have. They have blood evidence. They have fingerprints. They have shoeprints. They have the the weapon they have. Obviously these two eye witnesses that saw these other two individuals. We don't know if their attackers or if they were passer buyers or if they were witnesses to the crime so they do have quite a bit of evidence. But.

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