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Do karen street Now the hand have been around so long and then i assume really wanted to get a little bit more experience app solve just also options cheating time up in my working. Thrifty initially not spend some four five easily thrifty ryanair rental fleet nationally franchisees and alexa exodus land. More bat flayed albums staff and finance lay seeing the less sort of the nineties again. Not that leads me back off to after periods on Options and of damage people's cincinnati exact revenge power or shakti we now silina's cows Technology a new data from what was effectively. A national dealer lashes. You only really just looking through with you. Laws on the ambulation shoots and while of french dealer auction on staff which pretty well also doing the mon ching digital. Also business on behalf people's benches nine two seven eight away on stoops in better two way we on an twenty twenty one has pandemic. That's a good point our postal route. We meet now. Andrew question for me is what is what is zap and had fit in pickles. Business house every digital also. That's probably the simplest answer. It changing the beatles business. The reason i'm and has been for all relief. I've stone digitizing what we do every channel i use larry marketing locked but it's really just protein polishing advertising and offering acid democracy bless. It's really a the future lawsuit. Not just relying obesity weekly get assets new products to market and we shall. We really wanted to have a digital also to not just for customers to have another way to remind their essence A why should authors like the song Had neela franchise dealer last beat marketplace for business intensive consigned ninety goals in basle style that in recently sacked his i have jan Capital that used to acquire and develop a comedy for businesses on the the people's benches we causa said the new technology oregon we negotiated and we Which is easy marketing really. Well the tell. Max is effectively treats how he's gonna pay for whatever the next tend to view things twenties Digi essentially the out of that. It's fascinating andrew because we always think of. The automotive is a new cost audit. Well that's how always possession of what am. I is the new costs but the us cost hot and that's out of business. Photons the size of new cars. We look at that perspective. It such important part of what am i is back. Can you maybe explain to us. Just how. The system works exacting technology standpoint it infrastructure wise. It's emara service satphone at the moment where harvard platform so he not around ninety bats where across avalon proconsul to dig That the people that are really with that technology stuff. It's really we. I am today cell service channels to lied inventory images and descriptions on vehicles century allowances line the audience So their acid. That's that's really dumb. On a chocolate transaction levels rossa also reduce aggression aggression day owns ubs as ecowas taught and those platforms to sharing that story from the who's trajan days out the same asleep damis been side allowing essays a manual gliding using we use losses be glad antica she bonuses so we just went sentences just really easy or possible Inventory wants the kosrae. Neyla we can do inventory. Integrations as well image caption baffles. We've just done a big roll out with the rental company with integration itself. Despite her aunt notched us inventory declines national middle savage gotcha that allows them to just at pushing button from this late management. So play to populate the cows into a platform to be out of bond sale transact on so these videos or just still images doing yeah. We've owned video captured Touch on the coastal compensation with very say arlington intense. About eleanor. getting lots of feedback. That would enhance the inscription. Be sure ordering on how it of song. Barroom by gates is predominantly stealing injures seek encouraging conditioning mansion. Into the little bit where we're trying to condition biased in lashing mara daniel. Todd heads sort of being canes. She started really dossier league s on. Just it's an exciting player. Cambrian resorting taxi. Bread it gets really affects is allowing everybody. Who's dog effectively in acid in hospice Markets dealers database transaction and. Make it easy to do. So if i'm just thinking of the problem that you're solving with this. Very innovative product is if off got a a rental car. Company or a fleet management organization off goldman tree traditionally out have to caz but now really not the detail of them. So it's seamlessly applauding more information from us. I say it's a fall up into canada and use the glasses information to populate executive the car the the year model because with all moral us manufacturers grinded. Changing marie halfway through year three times through the year and complexities are not man. I really feel for used. How value is when they try to work out one is. This cop is now at Registration planks canal. Use pretty as liaisons leader Illegals well the data It's just any lapses the room so it's pulling all together so can then get these onto the platform and on that platform you've got buyers for that formica's potentially ethnic. We've we've had a couple of east band pretty diligent about building out us about which effectively essentially house you can buy. Also really whether you're while the other is essentially necessarily mean you're on the and got you can sell it. It's not really dishonest. It is more potent as bureau. Small selo we've got five hundred. Sixty registered muses on the platform said. We should absolutely quite against all add ice cream once it transaction. Model probation wayside Land say tenders. 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