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Get some perspective bruce st james and pamela hughes ktar news on ninety two three fm so we're getting some new information in trying to kind of flesh out the story of the string of homicides in the valleys specifically around the scottsdale area that we believe ended this morning when police contacted the alleged murderer right so so we had this whole scenario started on thursday with the murder of a forensic psychologist dr steven pet then there were two paralegals who were murdered over the weekend and a therapist as well who was found dead inside of his office over the weekend this morning you had police respond to the extended stay america suites scottsdale and they were tracking the suspect and they tracked him to that hotel they started to evacuate people in neighbouring rooms and then this is what sergeant vince lewis says happened detectives received strong indications that led them to a suspect as of this morning that suspect was tracked let me let me clarify over the last day and a half that suspect was tracked to a room here at the extended state early this morning phoenix police tactical team set up on that room evacuated the adjacent rooms during that operation shots were fired inside the suspect's room nobody was injured outside of that room our tactical team did make entry into that room and located the suspect deceased from an apparent self inflicted gunshot people obviously trying to figure out why the suspect has been named as dwight jones we understand maybe some of the relationship or at least loose relationship now between him and the victims right and all has to do with a a divorce right now law enforcement sources are telling us as suspect who they believe committed suicide side is white jones had been living at the extended stay america hotel for some time where he got into a shootout with police and then he was found dead in his hotel room abc news has now learned the suspect dwight jones was involved in a tough divorce in twenty eleven there were fights over money and child custody issues jones apparently wasn't paying alimony and had a history of violence dr steven pit.

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