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It starts around ten fifteen pm and then at midnight. We'll do a countdown to four twenty and then we'll go outside and do you know what? And I'm also very excited to say that my four twenty show this year is going to be on Saturday April twentieth at the Wilbur theatre in Boston Massachusetts place that recently went. Recreational marijuana. So I couldn't be more excited about that. All right. Back to the show. All right. We're back. We did it good. Good job. Everybody. Always so many good name tags here, you guys never disappoint. And I appreciate that. But let's start with just in what you end up with this one was tweeted at me, I think by someone named chief wacky do and it is my face. So immediately I'm down for that. And then it says TJ to Doug mid day or Dutchman day and then just candy. So it's also like amazing. Dutchman day is day. Luke out for document day. You'll close to me now. Great jobs. Lots of candy on the two. Who you play for Andrew avengers Infinity? Chris. What? Come on. Have you seen this? Why where's the stop? So weird. Why are you just wiggling out? There you go to go to the Glades. All right. Having fun, actually. Who wants to be figured? That looks great. See that for a second. Find the other failures. Thank you. You wanna put it there? You want to like it? Okay. Cool. I didn't know what you were doing for want anybody's hand to be in that thing right now. I gotta show to do the way you're working that thumb. Holy christ. People need to pay attention. I'm sorry. I I mean, this club already has better lighting on the to heckling it's up in the corner. Tacoma is dim as shit. I got. Stupid. Stupid like Joe. Oh, lighting everywhere. Yeah. Yeah. No, it's not that. It's like every store you go in it. Just feels like a coup guy's dorm. Ru. Everything's low lit in this town, every place near should have the head you reading glasses when you walk. Because the lighting is very low. And it's this curls out of love to talk about it's bad here. But I have never noticed. I only noticed today. Andrew and I were walking in. There was a smell of human poop that was probably human. Yeah. I think she's talking about the smell of human fish. No. I haven't noticed that. Tacoma, a Rome. Okay. Stunning. Let's say if you could make anything run people are gonna love you. All right here. We go. This is beautiful. Melissa's doubtfire. Just send this to be earlier. And showed me this. Maybe just amazing Photoshop and I've never felt so beautiful as I do on Sally fields body and face just like my face on her face. So I was like, wow. I look mazing. Yeah. It's a line pretty. Yeah. But I love it. I love it. Yeah. Throw that they're throw them all down on the floor, actually. They're just so just the artwork is so good is tracked. It's true. Kick mind, we got a show to do here for some games. And this I won this. First one is called. Swift justice. Normally, I don't like to play games favor any particular guests, but Nikki doesn't win this one. I'll be surprised. I'm going to read the IMDB description of a movie that happens to have the same title unrelated to a Taylor swift song. Fuck. I was nervous. A lot of Taylor swift songs lineup with movie titles. And this is one of them. Just guesses often as you'd like and the person who gets it. Right. I wins. Do you have any guesses? Nikki now. Yes. I do. I do. What's your pre guests began again? Oh, yes. That is a movie. But no, that's not the one. They chose today. You know, what this is? I'm almost out of disadvantage because I know so many of her songs that it's like too many things to choose from. No that's not going to sell. I'm not going to sell never mind. Hey, if there's folks sitting around this lady keeps talking could you ask your stop? All right. Let's do this. Let's do. Android. You have a previous. Yeah. Back to December. Keep no. The deep cut. Even the name of one of her songs. It is back to. Yeah. Don't you guys when I was gonna ask you to try to say it, but he went right into. There is no have trouble sleeping. Playing back thinking about while you leave..

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