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Make me rich man. I i love. I mean this great movie. They're also saying now somewhere along the line. Was there something to do with the warm report yet. Back follows here one morning and the new york times said they're gonna publish the complete one moon for and i worked at down. I was down on just a correction that the government was going release at one report taxes publish overnight current impinging office releases times going publish on new parts of the warm your reports. The commission finished its for gonna release it. And that was punched in government. Printing office book. He'd been slated bread but no they were giving out so book to a publishing entity they could pick up the days percent and i call. This was the boss and on okay and he said he had same idea but okay we both had the idea for. His idea was to the new york times to make an improvement tour right. So it'd be the new york times with pick up the bulk and they will be right that we would publish the book as an anthem book. Esther contol and harrison salisbury would be the terance she over the poor so there will be other other comments having to do a report so he wanted to fame. And you would've just something that you could have gone just anywhere else. And so it was in market paperback publishing. That's being down the aftermath market companies. Obviously 'cause i worked actually hashing colonic sentence you. Holly scanned it. Because i was the publicity. Fire barry your anti was stealing and so we did a little princeton actually printed and distributed in eighty hours so the idea was accommodation. Marsha idea oscar also thinking costing and then bringing the times for the tool that harrison actually decided to do and then waiting for the handed out literally just understand what an innocent book worm. Port comes out. You get all of this thursday monday. it's for sale. Wow scanned harsh. Because she was you know. I wanted to just fantasy just because gives you timing a. I realized that was really my head of we print beside already learned about publishing. You could quickly and was not any miraculous. When winston churchill died drew middleton who was the new york times in london we have known he was dying so everything was being. I mean that was vile feed the pig. Sure all in need with the park and said he died. Jim from told me the book was for sale on the day of the funeral in london. Instead yes very well. I mean how did this hour. The sales on these were the very rich the new york times and and satisfied the point over copy. Well we applied in the fact that an came of the beginning of this whole incident publishing that includes the pentagon papers absolutely and the second one commission for all kinds of commissions and for us can murder case. Can you was married to an older man and edgy was her best friend. It's really yeah. I mean i think that people. Today's yesterday similar bylines for example. She could have twenty thousand words because she had the market distribution machinery plays ruin connected to the way magazines and newspapers just shooting not that they would like the slow vote. Mass market magazines were and so prior to warrant the warren report. Had there been some books that was the first want folks once years ago called. What was their report was there. It is contained looked. But he had vow if you go back and even downtime during war instant. He didn't call it that diesel reports from the.

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